Attempting Paint

This week EndoftheLine welcomed 2 of our favourite artists from Singapore; Clog2 & Ink-Ten. They were in town for Street Fest happening this Sunday, so good friend of ours Gent 48 bought them our way for a wee paint and a grand tour of the best spots in our area. Joined by Jim Vision & Tizer One, the 5 headed to Braithwait St and started on an Alice inspired production in pastels. You can catch these guys down at Street Fest TOMORROW!

The team headed back the next day, this time with Swedish artist Linus Von Moos and London’s Zadok, Hicks, Tizer & Jim Vision. However their painting venture didn’t last very long due to the boys in blue. They were very nice, but they said we had to stop….so we did. Keep your fingers crossed for us to be able to go back and finish… Till then..

Frank Frazetta & Guild Wars on Redchurch St

Jim takes to Redchurch Street East London to paint a tribute to the late & great Frank Frazetta with a hint of Guild Wars…

Stormy Seas in Shoreditch

Over the last 2 weeks Jim Vision has been stopping back at a little spot just off Shoreditch High St to add, wave by wave, to this detailed recreation of a stormy seas and surfers scene. Continuing on with his regal battleships & apocalyptic storms paintings, that have popped up on quite a few walls now around the area; we’re starting to worry that pretty soon the whole of Shoreditch will be under water.

Taking all in all 3 days to complete, it was an interesting watch…also because we could eat cake whilst he worked with the good people at The Tuck Shop (go check them out opposite the wall)

Look out for more surfers riding waves around London, coming very soon!…

Photos taken by Madam

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