Berlin Rising – Day 3

On our 3rd and final full day in Berlin we headed back to the Devil’s Mountain to find a new spot for Jim to paint. The first mission was to find an unclaimed wall, a ladder and some wall paint… all of which were in short supply.

What is now left of the original listening station is 5 radar domes, and the main concrete structures of the building with it’s walls opened out and huge vista’s visible from all sides. We wanted to be high up with a view of the sunset as it was set to be a cold, clear day so we headed straight up the first of many stairs.

On the 3rd floor there’s a flat roof where you can access the 2 large lower geodesic structures and many artists and visitors have left their mark either with pen, paint or by cutting out their initials into the fabric of the dome itself. The final ascent is up 5 dark flights of stairs each broken up by a open sided ‘veranda’ created through the removal and wearing away of the original fabric of the building to reveal 360 degree views and nose bleed inducing drops.

Jim’s second piece was sited on the second to last level, nearly at the top. It took him the best part of a very bright, sunny and freezing Sunday afternoon. With a similar high intensity colour scheme continuing here with a huge explosive wave featuring abstract sails and surfers riding the tidal wave of scrap colours left from Jim’s allotted paint store and some paint left by our host David Walker.

It’s not for the faint-hearted or those without a head for heights but the journey is well worth it as the final staircase leads to the top of tower and the largest radar dome. The acoustics, and sound effects up here are simply incredible. The quietest normally inaudible sound is heard echoing around the space, repeating and repeating.

A huge thanks goes out to Dan Wood and the crew for hosting and making the event happen with special mentions for Co-Labs, and the Teufelsberg crew. It was great for Jim to be involved and as a fellow event organiser I can appreciate the many hurdles they must have had to overcome to make it happen. Not to mention there being no running water, electricity or lighting.

Tuefelsberg is a crazy, wild and inspirational place and will hopefully live on under this new lease of life as a creative destination for many years to come.

Ph & Words by Matilda TD

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