Buenos Aires – part 2

We’d been staying in a pretty swanky hotel in central Buenos Aires, but it was far away from the areas we were painting and more importantly a million miles away from the ‘real’ Argentina. So, instead of staying there, we moved to one of the poorest areas in BA instead and rented a room from some tango dancers. We were warned to be careful in Constitución , but the worst we experienced was getting picked up by a hefty looking transvestite. A day after we started painting there was a huge fire that gutted a squat close to the wall bringing the whole neighbourhood out to gawp.

We were given a tour of the area by local artist Pol Corona and spotted a massive wall close to our apartment. This, the next road along from one we were told never to walk down at night as it was too dangerous, had some terrible tags on it so the locals were very happy to see it disappearing under a barrage of thrown blue and white emulsion. The local kids wanted to see their favourite football teams up so Probs dutifully supplied them with a ‘racing’ and ‘boca’ as well as a pair of wings that the kids could stand in front of.

The local kids surrounded us and took control of roller duties as their mothers fed us ‘mate’ the local tea. We returned to the wall throughout our trip and dropped a floating horse without the rider. It was interesting to see the locals immediately interpret this as a political statement – the people as the horse throwing off the government rider. Wall art here is traditionally political with political parties routinely whitewashing whole blocks and covering them with slogans. We explained that Jim just likes painting horses.


When we finished painting the whole street, we pimped the local tramps house (a corner of the pavement), the locals threw a street party and the local mafia don turned up in his 4*4 and tried to commission us. We feigned ignorance and made our excuses and left them too it. It’s certainly a different attitude to street art than you’d find here and even the crazy old lady who lived in the house at the end was eventually persuaded that it was a great improvement.

Check out the pictures and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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