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A little more Tahiti please…

So it’s over, the wonderful Ono’U festival is out, the judges have spoken, the curtains have fallen, and all that is left are the remnants of artists that once were …

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Ono’U Festival 2015 so far…

So…don’t hate, but this week we’ve been sunning it up in the beautiful French Polynesian island of Tahiti for the Ono’U graffiti festival….

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EndoftheLine X Rockwell House in ImagineFX Mag

Last months issue of ImagineFX featured some of the events held at Rockwell House last year by EndoftheLine. Focusing on the regular

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Jim Vision X Gent 48

Quick collaboration by Jim Vision & Gent 48 last week in Shoreditch. This impromptu 5 metre wall mural was completed

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Amsterdam continued…

During our stay in the land of the Dutch, we spent some time at Kingspray festival (see previous article) for their national holiday King’s Day aka Koningsdag. But whilst we were there

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Jim Vision @ Kingspray

Last weekend we whisked off to the lovely Amsterdam, well Koningsdag to be precise, to paint at the world renowned Kinspray festival. Presented by Streetart_today, the festival showcased 12 different artists from across

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Important Events!

Coming up over the next couple of weeks there are some pretty special events that YOU need to be in the know about. So that’s what we’re here for:

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Still saving the bees..

Yesterday morning, on a beautiful sunny day in our new yard space, we spotted a tiny creature emerging from under our gate, struggling for his life and aimlessly wondering in to the danger of the open road. With the cat nearby, school children on the horizon, there was little hope …

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Terry Pratchett Photo Appreciation

Over the last 2 weeks, the nation have been going gaga for the Terry Pratchett tribute mural produced by Jim Vision & Dr Zadok just off Brick Lane. Before the piece was finished, articles were popping up from…

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A pink apocalypse..

Like all of us in these recent sunny days, Jim Vision has been looking for opportunities to soak up a good dose of VitaminD. This came last weekend when he headed over to Rhoda street, off Redchurch to give the street a certain 50 shades of pink.

Jim’s work has been taking on…

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