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Important Events!

Coming up over the next couple of weeks there are some pretty special events that YOU need to be in the know about. So that’s what we’re here for:

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Still saving the bees..

Yesterday morning, on a beautiful sunny day in our new yard space, we spotted a tiny creature emerging from under our gate, struggling for his life and aimlessly wondering in to the danger of the open road. With the cat nearby, school children on the horizon, there was little hope …

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Terry Pratchett Photo Appreciation

Over the last 2 weeks, the nation have been going gaga for the Terry Pratchett tribute mural produced by Jim Vision & Dr Zadok just off Brick Lane. Before the piece was finished, articles were popping up from…

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A pink apocalypse..

Like all of us in these recent sunny days, Jim Vision has been looking for opportunities to soak up a good dose of VitaminD. This came last weekend when he headed over to Rhoda street, off Redchurch to give the street a certain 50 shades of pink.

Jim’s work has been taking on…

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#SaveBrixtonArches Piece from Jim Vision

Over the weekend Jim Vision headed down to Brixton’s village market, where a number of artists gathered to paint for protest against the gentrification in Brixton.

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Terry Pratchett Mural Progress Day #2

Productive day of painting at the Terry Pratchett tribute mural yesterday, although of course, as always, the sun helped. The drunks didn’t, but we learned how to be friends by the end of the day.

Jim Vision headed down to finish off the monumental

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Terry Pratchett Competition

Want to be in for a chance to win some EndoftheLine goodies??

Jim Vision & Dr Zadok’s Terry Pratchett tribute mural has been going to crazy across the media, and some pretty impressive photos are already in circulation, but we at EndoftheLine love to find new talent. So we’re asking YOU to head over to the wall and take your best and most creative photo of the wall and post it on Instagram to be in for a chance to win some EOTL goodies…

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#SavetheBees 1 year on..

It’s nearly that time when summer is upon us. Our flowers are beginning to bloom and the buzzy bees are out in the masses. Or not so much.

This time last year we teamed up with Louis Masai; the street art activist that raises awareness of endangered species around the world.

When the UK governments study drew wrong conclusions about the use of specific pesticides and it’s effect on the UK bee population, it was brought to light, exactly how bad the situation was and how we are effecting the colonies with the chemicals used in plants. “Recent studies have shown that neonicotinoids damage the health of bee hives. But they have been criticised for not being conducted in the field. ” (Guardian Article by Karl Mathiesen)…

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Berlin Rising – Day 3

On our 3rd and final full day in Berlin we headed back to the Devil’s Mountain to find a new spot for Jim to paint. The first mission was to find an unclaimed wall, a ladder and some wall paint… all of which were in short supply.

What is now left of the original…

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Berlin Rising – Day 1 & 2

hould you ever be given the opportunity to visit or paint at Teufelsberg or The Devil’s Mountain in West Berlin do not under any circumstances say no.

It’s a place that should not be missed. Steeped in the history …

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