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First Thursday 01 Oct 2015

Kid Acne - Boxpark

It’s been a nice week right? So why not celebrate by getting out on the town and checking out the latest and greatest in the galleries tonight. Frieze and Moniker are fast approaching so the events are getting exciting, and international artists are coming from all over to get a foot in. It’s this time of year we live for, and tonight is no different.

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Ernest Zacharevic – Portraits of Malaysia

Last night during a lazy night in, I tuned in to Fashion One TV and found myself watching a short documentary of the Lithuanian born artist Ernest ‘ZACH’ Zacharevic…

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The Terry Pratchett Boat – Starboard Side

Terry Pratchett Boat - Ph T.Elhaj

Following the production of the Terry Pratchett tribute wall by Jim Vision & Dr Zadok, fans gathered far and wide to marvel at the spectacle. One of them being barge owner and London resident Faith. Faith got in touch with us to request her very own Terry Pratchett mural to be painted along the side of her house boat …

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Jim Vision X Ekto at The Nomadic Community Gardens

A few weekends ago when the sun was still shining Jim Vision teamed up with Meeting of Styles artist and the master of 4d lettering, Steve Ekto and headed on over to the Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch and the old home of Meeting of Styles UK festival.

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#TRIBE15 at Ugly Duck

TRIBE15 - Ph T.Elhaj

This weekend, Chrom-Art curated their second instalment of #TRIBE15; a weekend only exhibition that features the very best in emerging talent spanning across a mix of mediums. We got a glimpse of everything from interpretive dance, live painting, video mapping and interactive animation….

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First Thursday in London – 03/09/15


Happy First Thursday London!

There is so much going on this month in the arts calendar, we almost wish we could doppelgang our way to everything, but alas, we must be selective. So if you’re getting confused as to which events are going to be the cream of the crop, we’ve gathered a few good places to start this week..

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Jim Vision Vs Instagrammers

Jennah Yamamoto - Jim Vision

It’s quite often that we get people taking snaps of Jim’s work and posting them up on their instagram accounts to let the world know how awesome their travels have been. But even more so when people get creative with it. Jim Vision’s wings, originally painted in memory of his Grandmother, have taken instagram by storm and he has had people from all over the globe step up in front of the wings and take a snap or two.

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What’s on Arts Calendar London Aug/Sept 2015

Reeps - ADO - T.Elhaj

It’s looking like we’ve got a busy couple of months ahead, after all it is that time of year when all the artists are fretting to get their new and best pieces ready for the countless exhibitions and group shows surrounding Frieze week…

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Artist Feature: Aki Inomata

Aki Inomata - Why Not

Today we came across the fascinating work of Aki Inomata; this Tokyo raised artist explores the world beyond the man-made and focuses on creating a natural world within the confines of a brick city.

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Banksy’s Dismaland to open in Weston-super-Mare

Dismaland - DailyBeast

Something new and exciting from Banksy is coming to the small Somerset seaside town of Weston-super-Mare. ‘Dismaland’ is the controversial artists new exhibition which is his dystopian take on the Magic Kingdom DisneyLand. Disguised as a film location during it’s set-up, the Grey Fox Productions signs only started to alarm residents when they realised they hadn’t seen any film equipment or crew on set since it’s placement.

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