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#SavetheBees 1 year on..

It’s nearly that time when summer is upon us. Our flowers are beginning to bloom and the buzzy bees are out in the masses. Or not so much.

This time last year we teamed up with Louis Masai; the street art activist that raises awareness of endangered species around the world.

When the UK governments study drew wrong conclusions about the use of specific pesticides and it’s effect on the UK bee population, it was brought to light, exactly how bad the situation was and how we are effecting the colonies with the chemicals used in plants. “Recent studies have shown that neonicotinoids damage the health of bee hives. But they have been criticised for not being conducted in the field. ” (Guardian Article by Karl Mathiesen)…

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Berlin Rising – Day 3

On our 3rd and final full day in Berlin we headed back to the Devil’s Mountain to find a new spot for Jim to paint. The first mission was to find an unclaimed wall, a ladder and some wall paint… all of which were in short supply.

What is now left of the original…

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Berlin Rising – Day 1 & 2

hould you ever be given the opportunity to visit or paint at Teufelsberg or The Devil’s Mountain in West Berlin do not under any circumstances say no.

It’s a place that should not be missed. Steeped in the history …

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Ed Hicks ‘Tarot’ @ the Jeffrey West Gallery

Ed Hicks Tarot

Ed Hicks is back from a few months away and is opening an all new collection of work at the Jeffrey West Gallery. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited.

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Gent & Newso at Rockwell House


Yesterday we had a surprise visit from our good pals from the Midlands, Gent & Newso from the 48 crew.

It was THE night to be in town with Snik, Meggs, Philth, Dran AND Borondo all opening shows across central and east London, the boys headed down to see what all the fuss was about and…

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Jim Vision at the 5th Base Gallery


Last weekend Jim Vision headed over to the 5th Base gallery just off of Brick Lane to paint a wall so big that we had to tape 3 extended paint poles together. The method proved difficult and we’re not sure that Jim could even see what he was painting at this height.

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Back to the Future with EndoftheLine – The Best Of…


This has been a bit of a long time coming, but 2014 was a busy year for us. With the rise and fall of Rockwell House, weekly events, paint jams, and a few painty holidays, we’ve seen pretty much everything this year at EndoftheLine. So we’ve gathered a few of the highlights of 2014 for us all to have a little recap of just how much fun 2014 really was…

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Gonzalo Borondo – ‘Animal’


Normally this time of year, we’re begging for time to get a bit slower so that we can get ourselves back in to the shake of the new year, however we’ve been excited about a solo show opening up at the beginning of February for quite a while now, so we’re willing the month away to get our eyes on the spectacular new work by our in house resident Gonzalo Borondo.

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New Year’s Eve : The End of an Era at Rockwell House


Rockwell House itself was a previously squatted space that was originally the home of an import export company until it went bankrupt in 2009, it was then squatted and was lying empty prior to us taking on the lease of the building. When Jim and I first took the building on it was in a huge sticky mess, we spent just 10 weeks building, cleaning, rewiring, scraping, sanding, lugging plasterboard up 4 flights of stairs, and taking 10 tonnes of rubbish out to get it to a rentable and useable point.

This was just the beginning…

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Sheryo & Yok for Art Basel, Miami


We heard from our pals overseas Sheryo & The YOK who hit Miami a few days and got busy painting this ‘Flamingo Portal’ piece on the walls of the Miami Ad School. Expect more from this dope duo during their time in the sunshine state!

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