The nature of Monki is irrepressible

Monki, the store concept and women’s clothing brand came to EndoftheLine with a brief so crazy we had to actually reign the client in a bit. The brief : to create a mural as eclectic as their influences, all hand painted, no stencils.

We painted 4 panels of fantastical dreamscape, a mythical fairytale in pink and blue. The side of Village Underground has never looked so colourful. Even the White Van Men were impressed.

The Monki UK launch is happening behind the walls. Check out the pics below and let us know what you think.


Zoer en Londres

One of EndofheLine’s favourite French artists, OneZoer, was booked on to a flight for our Meeting of Styles event which we were forced to postpone due to the riots. But the French like a good riot so looting youth definitely weren’t going to keep Zoer away and he came for a visit anyway, see if he could get some new trainers.

Fresh off the plane he went straight to work on our balcony wall. His style is like Akira, Fonts, Illustration and Graff all mixed together, super fine details pop out at you from every nook and cranny of his work, and as such he took to Probs’ homemade stencil caps (for super fine lines) like a duck to water.

The next day, having wowed us with his style and super chilled and friendly attitude, Zoer came to paint our secret spot with Towns and Probs. Towns’ piece was as meticulously painted as always, crisp clean lines and consummate use of colour. Probs created a brilliant rendering of a victorious Hellboy complete with ghostly swords and crown. While Zoer painted something much more space-aqe than the day before, but still with his signature fine lines and details which keep you staring as you try to take it all in.

Zoer will be back over here painting at our rescheduled Meeting of Styles event on October 8th in Holloway. Don’t miss your chance to watch this master of minutiae getting busy alongside 50+ other artists all hosted by EndoftheLine. Awesome pictures by the man Toby Summerskill.

El Mac paints Rockwell House

One of L.A’s finest graffiti artists – El Mac, graced us with his super-chilled presence yesterday, and better yet, stayed up all night to put up one of his amazing murals on the side of our building, Rockwell house.

El Mac is one of the most highly regarded spraycan-wielding artists in the world. His inimitable contour line covered, photo-realistic portraits are completed to a level of perfection that defies belief. From incredible interpretations of Dutch masters to portraits of Mexican workers, his style and meticulous approach are uniquely his own – even down to chilling cans down with ice to achieve consistency of line.

Mac, and his lovely lady Kim, popped in to pull an all-nighter just before running off to Heathrow to grab a flight back to L.A. The result is spectacular. EndloftheLine got a sofa out, set the timelapse to record, cracked the beers, and enjoyed an intimate audience with a truly special talent. The process of his painting is every bit as fascinating as the final piece and we felt very privileged to have the chance to watch him in action, Although we are paying for it now.

Watch this space for the complete timelapse animation coming soon.

Skriblah – Belly of the East

We spotted some of our paintings in the video for Skriblah’s Belly of the East. check out the Probs / Dan Chase Samurai wall and the Sheone / Probs car park Production.

The song features on the long awaited debut album from Skriblah titled “The Little White Dot”. Watch Skriblah – Belly of the East on the video player below.

Manga Event

We somehow managed to miss posting these pictures of the manga event we painted at the other day – 20th Anniversary or something..

Video vs animation

This video is incredible – I know it has done the rounds, but it never fails to inspire.

Meeting of Style London 2011 Postponed

It is with deep regret that, due to the events of the last few days, Endoftheline must announce the postponing of our Meeting Of Styles event in London this Saturday 13th August at The Studios in Holloway Road. Having consulted with the venue owners, police, and local authorities it is felt that it would be irresponsible to go ahead with a public event in the light of these disturbances.

It’s obviously the last outcome we would want but our first priority has to be the safety of all involved. We will be discussing how best to proceed, in terms of an alternative event in the near future, and will make an announcement on this as soon as we know. Our hearts go out to all those also effected by the senseless acts of a criminal few, particularly those who’ve lost homes and businesses.

Thanks for all the support and we hope to bring you this great event soon.

Watch this space.

Please email for further information.

Meeting of Styles UK Facebook

Meeting of Styles France – Perpigan 2011

We made a quick dash to the south of France to represent EndoftheLine at the Mega awesome festival in the little town of Perpignan. The sweltering heat put our weather to shame as shade and cold beers became a luxury and black teeshirts a very bad idea.

DMV Show

Da Mental vaporz rocked Toulouse at the Galerie D’Art Contemporian GHP. The installations and paintings looked incredible and the turnout proved the quality of these artists and their rightful place at the top of French Art. Well done guys.

Breaking through Da Mental Vaporz from Wemotion on Vimeo.

the DMV’S SHOW from Emile Sacre / vect on Vimeo.

First Festival of the Season

We painted the bar for the Chai Wallahs first festival of the season. Massive bamboo composition for some very laid back peepls. Great food and better music.

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Sheone vs Probs – East London Trackside

‘Momma always said don’t Stray far from the tracks’

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Old SeOne Club gets a lick of Paint

Managed to get out for a messy paint on the weekend – 4 paintings in 4 hours.

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