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Artist Feature Week: Elfin

elfin 1

Elfin is a London-based artist and jeweller at Great Frog. She draws on influences like Japanese design, skateboard graphics, and tattoo art

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Artist Feature Week: Izer


Izer is a founding member of the excellent Dielooted crew. With a style firmly rooted in his calligraphy

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Artist Feature Week: Will Barras


Will Barras is a giant of UK street art, a founding member of the Scrawl collective. ‘Scrawl’ originally published

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Artist Feature Week: Reeps-One


Reeps One is best known as a champion beatboxer – one of the world’s best, but ReepsOne is the alter ego of Harry Yeff, and he’s an artist.

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Artist Feature Week: Andrea Riot


If there was a way to describe Andrea Riot as an artist then I would – But Riot crosses over in to so many aesthetic categories it would hard to narrow him down

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Artist Feature Week: O.Two


A lot of people find therapy in different forms; meditation, drinking tea, talking, going for walks, yoga…For me, it’s O.Two.

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Artist Feature Week: Ed Hicks


So, the lead up to doing this Artist Feature week, I sent out an email to all artists to see if there was anything they wanted to say about themselves and just to basically

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Artist Feature Week: Candy Lo


Now, needless to say we are extremely excited about this chick on the line-up for WCP. Candy Lo’s works are a true representation of her personality sprawled across a canvas.

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Artist Feature Week: Jim Vision


A child of the eighties, raised on a diet of E numbers, computer games and cartoons, it was inevitable that Jim would gravitate towards the Art of painting Walls.

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It’s been a long time coming but Part Two of the I Am Legion videos produced by EndoftheLine has been released via Hypetrak! Watch Jim Vision in action, painting up some fresh spaces in Bushwick, NY and Venice Beach in LA with the best album artwork from recent release I AM LEGION; an experimental, bass heavy collective made up of kings of UK hip hop Foreign Beggars & Dutch EDM giants Noisia. Enjoy!

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