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Martin Ron – SOUP @ The Mead Carney Gallery


Last night EndoftheLine made off to the Mead Carney Gallery on Dover Street to go and see the Argentinian artistic genius Martin Ron’s first European solo show, SOUP. The show was a carefully selected number of works featuring his signature snails & hands with a mix of paint splatters & graffiti that came together with an impossibly real fantasy feel. His work is exquisite and demonstrates an artists imagination on a new level, with whales jumping out of tuna cans and a turtle-led sail boat, you could stand in front of his works forever.

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Attempting Paint


This week EndoftheLine welcomed 2 of our favourite artists from Singapore; Clog2 & Ink-Ten. They were in town for Street Fest happening this Sunday, so good friend of ours Gent 48 bought them our way for a wee paint and a grand tour of the best spots in our area.

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Stormy Seas in Shoreditch


Over the last 2 weeks Jim Vision has been stopping back at a little spot just off Shoreditch High St to add, wave by wave, to this detailed recreation of a stormy seas and surfers scene. Continuing on with his regal battleships & apocalyptic storms paintings, that have popped up on quite a few walls now around the area; we’re starting to worry that pretty soon the whole of Shoreditch will be under water.

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GuildWars X Frank Frazetta on Redchurch Street

frazzetta wall 2

It wasn’t long ago that Jim Vision & Dr Zadok hit the entrance of Redchurch street to paint the sci-fi, Alien inspired wall. However, like all good walls, the space was tagged and butchered, so Jim Vision set out again to give a re-paint…alone!

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New Wall from Jim Vision


Guess who’s been getting busy down Redchurch Street?

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A.D.O – Reeps One at the Londonewcastle Project Space


Last night was the opening for Reeps’ debut solo show A.D.O. and we were super stoked about this one. It was a mixture of paintings, illustrated photos in collaboration with photographer Ben Hopper,

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Vibes on the Rockwell House Rooftop


Long time street artist and humble yet hella cool kid, Vibes came out to Rockwell House to make

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Femme Fierce: Everything’s Pink!


Last weekend it was the all female take-over in Leake Street in SE1. Organised by The Street Art Agency, Girls On Top, Cre8 Gallery, Paint My Panda and support from, the girls (in true charitable female style) painted the whole

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Play in LA


If you read up on our trip in LA so far you’ll be well up to date on the work that went down over the 2 weeks we were there…painty painty yada yada….but we did more! Yes yes! Whilst we were over in the sunshine

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Los Angeles is whats Happening


Last week EndoftheLine were on the sunny shores of southern California. How we miss it so…

Here’s a little recap of what we got up to;

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