Gent & Newso at Rockwell House

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from our good pals from the Midlands, Gent & Newso from the 48 crew.

It was THE night to be in town with Snik, Meggs, Philth, Dran AND Borondo all opening shows across central and east London, the boys headed down to see what all the fuss was about and…

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Jim Vision at the 5th Base Gallery

Last weekend Jim Vision headed over to the 5th Base gallery just off of Brick Lane to paint a wall so big that we had to tape 3 extended paint poles together. The method proved difficult and we’re not sure that Jim could even see what he was painting at this height.

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Back to the Future with EndoftheLine – The Best Of…

This has been a bit of a long time coming, but 2014 was a busy year for us. With the rise and fall of Rockwell House, weekly events, paint jams, and a few painty holidays, we’ve seen pretty much everything this year at EndoftheLine. So we’ve gathered a few of the highlights of 2014 for us all to have a little recap of just how much fun 2014 really was…

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Gonzalo Borondo – ‘Animal’

Normally this time of year, we’re begging for time to get a bit slower so that we can get ourselves back in to the shake of the new year, however we’ve been excited about a solo show opening up at the beginning of February for quite a while now, so we’re willing the month away to get our eyes on the spectacular new work by our in house resident Gonzalo Borondo.

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New Year’s Eve : The End of an Era at Rockwell House

Rockwell House itself was a previously squatted space that was originally the home of an import export company until it went bankrupt in 2009, it was then squatted and was lying empty prior to us taking on the lease of the building. When Jim and I first took the building on it was in a huge sticky mess, we spent just 10 weeks building, cleaning, rewiring, scraping, sanding, lugging plasterboard up 4 flights of stairs, and taking 10 tonnes of rubbish out to get it to a rentable and useable point.

This was just the beginning…

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Sheryo & Yok for Art Basel, Miami

We heard from our pals overseas Sheryo & The YOK who hit Miami a few days and got busy painting this ‘Flamingo Portal’ piece on the walls of the Miami Ad School. Expect more from this dope duo during their time in the sunshine state!

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Jim Vision X David Walker on Hewett Street

Last week we saw one of our favourite artists that we hadn’t worked with in a really really long time and it was lovely.

David Walker opened and closed the doors to his solo show ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’ at the Hoxton Gallery with the Lawrence Alkin gallery, and had some spare time on is hands whilst in town, so he head on over to Rockwell House on Hewett Street to paint some fine spots with EndoftheLine’s finest: Jim Vision….

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David Walker: A Blank Canvas is a White Flag

Yesterday the wonderful David Walker closed the doors to his solo show at the Hoxton Gallery; A Blank Canvas is a White Flag. Set in the Hoxton Gallery but hosted by the Lawrence Alkin Gallery, the show consisted of new work from the artist. Reminiscent of his signature style, only he takes his usual stunning, colour splatted portraiture and arranges them in sections, each of which displays a change in approach, colour and logic….

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Scrawl Collective : The Triumverate

On the 4th December we will be joined by Will Barras, Steff Plaetz & Mr Jago; our favourite artists from Bristol. They will be painting live as part of their Scrawl Collective Reunion; Triumvirate. This is a rare opportunity to see these 3 Bristol legends in action. Plus to keep you fed and watered all evening we’ll have winter warmers and tasty grub on hand from the Rockwell Bar and our trusty Meatball Bros. Entry is FREE just let us know you’re coming here. More details below.

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Friends Week

This week we’ve been pretty spoilt for great company. Beyond the events we have on the Rockwell rooftop with the likes of Joe Driscoll, Josh Whitehouse, Reeps One and the Sambroso Sambroso family, we’ve been joined by EndoftheLine favourites Anthony Lister & David Walker.

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13 Coins – The Event

On the morning of Thursday 2nd October we leapt out of our beds, threw on our messiest and got ready for the day ahead, for it was the long awaited 13 Coins Comic launch at Rockwell House, and needless to say, we were hella stoked!

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13 Coins – The Wall

13 Coins is the latest work from the incredible Simon Bisley, Martin Brennan & Michael B.Jackson.

It tells the story of a ex-con who sets off on a quest of vengeance when he realises he is a fallen angel and he is the key to Earths future, or Heaven’s fall….
The comic launched this week and we were super stoked to have the launch event on the Rockwell House rooftop on the 3rd October 2014. This wasn’t just a launch party, this was an all out paint event with the live painting from our good friends and London street legends Odisy, Gent 48, Jim Vision & EOTL’s Jim Vision, but ALSO from comic artists Siku, Simon Davis, Rufus Dayglo and the man of the hour, Simon Bisley.

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