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Miss Van x The Limbo Family Limited Edition Fashion Collection


Street painter and artist Miss Van has recently collaborated with The Limbo Family to present her micro fashion collection ‘Twin Rainbow Hair’.

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New Video From Astro by iKanoGrafik


French artist ASTRO & iKanoGrafik have released this new short showing him in action at his studio. Beautiful footage highlighting this street artists great techniques. In short – we luurve it.

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Elfin Solo Show @ The Circle London


Head down to The Circle tattoo parlour in Soho for Elfins new solo show that opened it’s doors last night. Featuring all new ink sketches, stickers and paintings from this gal who is just too cool for school, we were also lucky enough to see some brave people who were being inked with her sharp designs whilst we all drank and watched.

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Reeps x Josh Bevan x Marcia Richards Seal Cover: Video

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 18.37.34

The ‘Music Face Sessions’ are a series of acoustic collaborations created by UK beat box champion Reeps one and ‘Itdrewitself’ – The second of the series features a collaboration with Brighton based soloist Josh Bevan and Marcia Richards from the amazing ‘The Skints’ – Recorded completely live and mixed by Linden Jay Music. The video has also been featured on the Huffington Post this week…click the photo to watch!

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SHE ONE X RIPO “Time Wastes For Nobody” by Pablo Aravena


Godfather of graffiti Sheone and master of lettering Ripo got together to go and give this derelict factory in Barcelona a new look….a little bit.

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Andrea Riot new mural @ Rise Club Leicester Square


Our friend Andrea Riot was asked to paint the walls of the Rise Super Club in Leicester square last week. On completion the staircases were adorned with Andrea’s signature style. He’s super good with the spray can and his paintings are reminiscent of a ride into space..dark and smokey beautiful.

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Vision, Zoer & Write the Future


Last week Jim Vision hooked up with our friends from over in France, street artist Zoer (CSX) & the guys from Agence-WTF.

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Ben Hopper x Alex Fakso x Tizer Exhibitions


Last night we went to have a nose around a few exhibitions in Shoreditch – here’s a few snaps from our evening…

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Remi Rough / Codak Murals


Remi Rough and Codak have painted a couple of murals together recently in London and we’re liking it a lot. As well as being good buddies, they also used to paint together with the ATT Crew (Abstracting The Typography) and Remi was able to sneak in some rooftop collaboration amongst the exciting projects that he’s been working on…

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Ben Hopper x ALex Fakso x Tizer One Exhibitions


We’re shuffling off our seats already for tomorrows exhibitions – three in-particular. First off there’s an Alex Fakso show at Boxpark Shoreditch – just a week after his book launch in Notting Hill, he is now showing ‘Ukraine’ – a photo documentary of his spontaneous and self un-expectant travels across Eastern Europe. We’ll see in each image Fakso’s perspective to each high risk situation, risking violence, muggings and run-ins with the police. Without any pre-conceptions of the country, as well as knowing nothing of the language, the show will portray the spontaneity of the photographs in which he has taken.

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