Meeting of Styles 2016 UK Festival Release

The UK Meeting of Styles festival comes to London – Full Press Details are here.

Sandwiched between the tracks on the north side of the overground between Shoreditch High Street and Whitechapel station you will glimpse an organic space filled with activity, and surrounded by painted walls. Imagine spending 3 days in a garden oasis, in the middle of the city, immersed in live painting and music, and all for free.

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Meeting of Styles UK 2015

Meeting of Styles UK 2015 took place over the weekend of the 11th & 12th of July.

The streets of London stood in awe and watched live painting by over 60 graffiti & street artists from across the UK and beyond. London did the International Meeting of Styles festival proud with an impressive line-up, some old, some new, but all bearing a strong load of talent behind their spray fingers…

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The White Canvas Project : The Rooftop Session

So, for those of you who don’t know and frankly I don’t know how you could have avoided it, last weekend was our collaborative event with luxe street wear label Supremebeing; The White Canvas Project.

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Eve of Destruction – Online Catalogue

On Wednesday 12/12/12 EndoftheLine hosted the private view of Eve of Destruction an exhibition showcasing artwork of cataclysmic proportions. Held under the old Shoreditch station tunnels, which have been dressed by EndoftheLine for East London’s Street Feast Xmas Grotto.

All artwork is on show until Christmas. Show extension from 21st to 23rd. And online here.

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The White Canvas Project Exhibition PartIII

EndoftheLine, alongside Supreme Being, hosted a week long event at a warehouse space on Great Eastern Street ‘The White Canvas Project Exhibition”. The exhibition was part of Supreme Being’s ongoing project that rejects the traditions of confining artists to a blank canvas and pushes the idea of decorating household items as well as collectibles and other vintage scraps.

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Meeting Of Styles 2011

London MOS was our biggest event headache ever. Artists and Islington Council are the hardest people to please, we still smashed it. Click through to the pictures and see it in all its glory.

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Meeting of Styles 2010

In 2010 Endoftheline attempted their most awesome event to date. An enormous block party in Holloway road celebrating Style. check it..

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Meeting of Styles 2009

Meeting of Styles, the legendary international graffiti jam, hit London with an almighty explosion of creative styles. Brick Lane turned into Graffiti central and established the Hall of Fame for the summer until the government said no.

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