New Mural In Hanbury Street, London from Jim Vision


This year Jim Vision has painted numerous murals. This most recent and huge artwork is located on the side of the Banglatown Cash and Carry, off Hanbury street in the heart of the east end.  Though this is a personally led project Jim was advised by the shopkeeper that a piece that was somehow relevant to the local community would be gratefully received. And positively it’s been a situation where both an artist’s endeavour and the wishes of a wall owner coincide.

So it is that this new work, a piece highlighting man’s destruction of the natural environment, deforestation to make way for mass monoculture crops, is a sobering reminder that we must not forget our connection with the earth.  The piece also features a holi man at it’s centre dividing the beauty of the natural world on the left with the destruction and fire ripping through jungles and rainforest to the right.

As city dwellers we have to survive in this modern, corporate, profit-led world, but it is ever more important for us to strive to protect natural habitats, use more environmentally friendly power sources, lower the consumption of natural resources and to question the ethos and operations behind brands and corporations that want us to buy their products.

Is it too late for the human race to realise it’s full potential? Have profit, money and business overtaken the real human connection, between ourselves, the planet and nature?

Question also why the mainstream media has often portrayed ‘hippies’ as these odd people that seem to care about the earth more than buying new things and being a part of modern culture, and that this should be deemed as ‘strange’ or alien. It helps if your population are made to feel less caring for animals, forests and the natural world. But if you ask anyone if they would like to purchase a product that is made from resources gained through burning natural ancient jungle to make way for rubber plantations and palm oil products and that animals and people were displaced, hurt or destroyed because of this, the answer would be a resounding NO.

It’s time for the masses to wake up and be more responsible.

See Jims Instagram / Facebook to follow his projects and updates.

New Year New Walls

New Year, New Walls.

Despite the impending cold snap (actual winter really?!) looming and the inclement weather we’ve been experiencing many artists and painters have been out creating new works in the start of 2016. I for one love to see walls getting a spring clean and new pieces popping up all over, a few of which you can see in this post.

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Jim Vision’s Dancers

So, we didn’t realise this was a thing, but apparently it’s World Ballet Day today….Happy Ballet Day! In honour of this bizarre worldwide holiday we’ve compiled a few of our favourite shots of dancers in front of Jim Visions walls.

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MOS Wiesbaden 2015

This summer, a small team from the EndoftheLine crew headed over to Wiesbaden to paint for the original Meeting of Styles festival. Taking a prime position at a water station just set back from the main site, the guys came up with a collaborative underwater theme mixed in with some banging characters and letter wildstyles…

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Creating Waves with Jim Vision

Jim Vision has been taking over East London for quite some time now. East London is all about making waves, and Jim shows us how to do exactly that through his monumental wall murals scattered from Redchurch street and beyond. Look out for these tsunami style paintings with an apocalyptic feel coming to a wall near you.

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Jim Vision X Ekto at The Nomadic Community Gardens

A few weekends ago when the sun was still shining Jim Vision teamed up with Meeting of Styles artist and the master of 4d lettering, Steve Ekto and headed on over to the Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch and the old home of Meeting of Styles UK festival.

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Wake Life Weekender X White Canvas Project with Supremebeing

We’ve selected a few favourite shots of ours from the recent Wake life weekend festival in Cambridge. The EndoftheLine team joined a host of artists including Hicks, Dr Zadok, Stendec, Mr Penfold & All Type No Face to paint a 50m wall of potato crates…

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Jim Vision X Eduard Visan

Last weekend, Jim Vision headed out to Quaker street to recreate the incredible artwork of Eduard Visan….

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Amsterdam continued…

During our stay in the land of the Dutch, we spent some time at Kingspray festival (see previous article) for their national holiday King’s Day aka Koningsdag. But whilst we were there

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Jim Vision @ Kingspray

Last weekend we whisked off to the lovely Amsterdam, well Koningsdag to be precise, to paint at the world renowned Kinspray festival. Presented by Streetart_today, the festival showcased 12 different artists from across

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Terry Pratchett Photo Appreciation

Over the last 2 weeks, the nation have been going gaga for the Terry Pratchett tribute mural produced by Jim Vision & Dr Zadok just off Brick Lane. Before the piece was finished, articles were popping up from…

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Berlin Rising – Day 3

On our 3rd and final full day in Berlin we headed back to the Devil’s Mountain to find a new spot for Jim to paint. The first mission was to find an unclaimed wall, a ladder and some wall paint… all of which were in short supply.

What is now left of the original…

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