Berlin Rising – Day 1 & 2

hould you ever be given the opportunity to visit or paint at Teufelsberg or The Devil’s Mountain in West Berlin do not under any circumstances say no.

It’s a place that should not be missed. Steeped in the history …

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Jim Vision at the 5th Base Gallery

Last weekend Jim Vision headed over to the 5th Base gallery just off of Brick Lane to paint a wall so big that we had to tape 3 extended paint poles together. The method proved difficult and we’re not sure that Jim could even see what he was painting at this height.

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Jim Vision X David Walker on Hewett Street

Last week we saw one of our favourite artists that we hadn’t worked with in a really really long time and it was lovely.

David Walker opened and closed the doors to his solo show ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’ at the Hoxton Gallery with the Lawrence Alkin gallery, and had some spare time on is hands whilst in town, so he head on over to Rockwell House on Hewett Street to paint some fine spots with EndoftheLine’s finest: Jim Vision….

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13 Coins in the Making

Over the past few weeks we’ve been having a sly chinwag with some very exciting people.

Simon Bisley, Martin Brennan and Michael B. Jackson to be exact. They’ve launched a new comic called 13 Coins which tells the tale of superhero, John Pozner, a tormented ex-com on a quest for vengeance, when he discovers that he is descended angel, and is the living key to the Earth’s future, or Heaven’s fall.

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Frank Frazetta & Guild Wars on Redchurch St

Jim takes to Redchurch Street East London to paint a tribute to the late & great Frank Frazetta with a hint of Guild Wars…

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Slaine Wall – Holywell Car Park

Jim Vision hit the Holywell Car Park with the great mind to put his mark on the 30 year celebration of Simon Bisley’s Slaine. Recreating the Horned God artwork from the 2000AD series, Vision definitely captured the power behind the original artwork from this much loved comic.

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Jim Vision + Andrea Riot @ Rivington Place Yard Party

Jim Vision and Andrea Riot got together at the weekend at the Rivington Place Yard Party, to paint a new piece to brighten up the wall of creperie masters Shutterbug London. A great day was had with music, art, plenty of tasty food and perhaps a new animal invention.

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Probs and Izer New Wildstyle Mural

Yesterday Probs and Izer painted a new mural round the corner from Endoftheline

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Dielooted & EndoftheLine ZKVLLMXNXY Wall

Weekend before last – Dielooted & EndoftheLine collaborated on this new #ZKVLLMXNXY Black and White wall in East London.

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Upfest 2013 : Probs & DrZadok Painting Huge Wall

Last weekend Probs and Zadok got together and painted this huge wall at Upfest – The Urban Paint Festival, in Bristol. The delapitated building was once an old Odeon cinema, soon to become a climbing wall centre; onto which the guys painted a menagerie of furry creatures big and small.

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Jim Vision Mural & Star Walls Exhibition in Leytonstone

The Stone Space gallery in Leytonstone is playing host to a Star Wars exhibition called Star Walls.

Jim Vision was invited to paint a Star Walls mural on a large hoarding near the gallery. On Sunday morning we headed over to set up shop in this sleepy East London quarter and we were amazed to see how many different passersby stopped to take pictures. Keenly watching as a huge Darth Vader, Death Star, Millenium Falcon, X-wing and A-wings appeared on this previously blank hoarding. We met avid Star Wars fans, graffiti and street art aficionados and people from all walks of life, both young and old.

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Painting in the sun with Endoftheline

Last weekend was perfect for Endoftheline to get painting in the sun. Jim Vision met up with some of the guys from our time in Buenos Aires and few others to paint a stretch of the carpark in the centre of Shoreditch. Artists involved were Jim, Jaz, Fede, Pumpum, Neist, Xenz, Dan Chase and Ronzo! Around the corner we also had murals from Andrea Riot, Twesh and Rezine. Nice! There’s also an amazing shot down there of Probs and Izers recent ‘Attack of the Moloids‘ mural.

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