Andrea & Probs

Andrea & Probs on the corner of Curtain Rd & Scrutton st taking you out of space!

In East London no one can hear you scream

The weather has been incredible and Jim was getting itchy trigger finger.  We set him a challenge to paint all four panels on Great Eastern St in one day, no backup, no support just a big bag of paint and a handful of caps,

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Buenos Aires walls





Rock the Spot

Our recent commission for Monki clothing was nice but we wanted to repaint our Great Eastern Street wall with some art for art’s sake so we put together an elite team of paint slingers and set to work. Probs and Zadok taking the end panels and SheOne and Otwo from the Transcend/Rockgroup crew took out the middle two. As usual thanks to the Village Underground for the space!


Probs created an ethereal lady with intricately detailed white hair trailing in to SheOne’s panel. SheOne and O.Two’s pieces were completed in their signature Graffuturist style, whilst Zadok on the end produced an observation of London’s architectural oddities in his inimitable style. All the artists over-ran the boundaries of the panels out on to the surrounding brick adding to the sense of movement in the already dynamic pieces. As always the flicks speak for themselves. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

ABC Warriors – 2000AD

Probs’ wall for Bristol ComicCon is a tribute to the work of Simon Bisley

War of the Worlds

Epic piece for the Designers Block event by Probs, Sune, and Bonzai

Venom Trains

A Venom-inspired piece on the iconic Village Underground trains by Probs.

Tron Legacy Mural Commission

TRON : Legacy.. over 200,000 views.. Say no More .. nuff said..

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Nychos – Vibes – Probs – Crome

Rooftop shenanigans from Probs and friends, we were sad to leave that building with it’s awesome roof, but luckily the new roof is even better!

Probs – Angel of the Apocalypse

This fine bit of painting from Probs was for a photo shoot where models stood in front of the wings, now hanging proudly in our studio, it’s a pleasure to see it everyday.

The Watchmen Premiere

Who watches the Watchmen? Lots of people……

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Revert and Probs getting moody, the pics speak for themselves.

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