Probs Vs Chase – Samurai vs Octopus

Our man Probs getting busy in the carpark with Dan Chase, this one got a particularly good response from the public at large…everyone likes a pretty lady.

Jeroo-Probs-Revert- Blue Thunder

A perfect marriage of progressive background and lettering on our old building.

Samurai vs SpiderBot – Probs

Samurai vs SpiderBot…does what it says on the tin this one.

Probs & Does Rooftop

Probs – Revert – Black Sheep

Probs – Will barras – Astronauts don’t Surf !

Sometimes it’s important to make art for art’s sake and this is a good example of just that. Painted in collaboration with Will Barras of Scrawl Collective fame, this ethereal fantasy of space surfers paddling through the cosmos proved to be extremely popular during it’s stint on our Great Eastern Street wall.

Vodka Vision Streetside

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