CMMNTY™ Kickstarter campaign Launch : Feb 8th 2017

Learn all about the new kickstarter that CMMNTY are running to help push this project ever further.

Read all about it below and back the project right here.


“This is a project focused on creating amazing pieces of art and then getting them produced on really high quality, organic materials.  We believe in doing this in a way which respects the exceptional artists (including some of the forefathers of contemporary art like sheOne, David Walker, Will Barras and Steph Platz) and gives back to the community.

With Kickstarter’s help we will bring this artwork to life.  Everything that CMMNTY does is limited edition and unique. The only place to find these kickstarter designs will be during this Kickstarter.

"Motorbike", Will Barras - one of the unique kickstarter designs. See the making in the video above

“Motorbike”, Will Barras – one of the unique kickstarter designs. See the making in the video above

Due to our thousands of hours of experience with design and apparel, we are confident that any support at or above our target will let us deliver on all the rewards and the project.

Through backing CMMNTY on Kickstarter you are helping CMMNTY grow into all it can be — a brand with art at it’s heart where all of us are the gallery.

CMMNTY will be an artist led and inspired brand.

Each item is a limited edition piece of art that you can both wear and hang.

Our gallery is all of you; there are no walls, ceilings or limits. The CMMNTY gallery lives, breathes and grows every time you take a piece home or wear it outside.

Help us launch our gallery by becoming a CMMNTY member. Be one of the first to create, collaborate and motivate with us and give back to those living on our streets.

The Brand: Art(ists) at the heart

 Unlike most clothing art, our artists are CMMNTY. Rather than use art to promote products, CMMNTY use products to promote art. Each item is a limited edition piece of art with the artist sharing in every purchase. In addition a portion of any sales goes directly to support the work of homelessness charities, like Emmaus.

The Team: Good People and Good Things

CMMNTY has a rich background and long history. Initiated by established fashion design and art professionals, the idea is to do things differently and give something back. The artists have all earned their stripes and members include true forefathers of contemporary art like sheOne, David Walker, Will Barras, Mr Penfold, Guy Mckinley, Daren Newman, Jim Vision, Elfin, Blaine Fontana, Dr Zadok and Ornamental Conifer, with more artist joining every month.

The Product: Ethical Tees and Prints

CMMNTY creates unique pieces of limited edition art to wear or hang, taking pride in the high quality of all our products. Artist Tees are made ethically in Portugal using organic, long fibre, triple washed Portwood Cotton™. Each style is made to order, designed by CMMNTY with care and attention paid to details, cut and construction. Each art print uses Eco-friendly bamboo paper which uses no animal products and is produced using exclusively green energy.

Art printed to t-shirts in unique front and back designs

Art printed to t-shirts in unique front and back designs

The Stories: CMMNTY gives back with every item made


Emmaus supports people who have experienced homelessness by providing them with a home and meaningful work in a community setting. Emmaus now supports around 673 formerly homeless people across the UK by providing them with a home for as long as they need it and meaningful work in their social enterprises. You only have to read the stories of some of the people they have supported to see what a difference Emmaus makes. Emmaus is the first of our CMMNTY homelessness community partners. We believe that each of our choices can reduce the impact of homelessness by helping someone create a better life; each purchase at CMMNTY supports this vision campaign.

Risks and challenges

The founding team has spent the past several months pulling together top artists to create great art work on beautifully made t-shirts and high quality paper and making sure we have properly set up agreements to make this happen.

Getting CMMNTY running is the only project we are working on at the moment and we are dedicated to delivering on everything we have promised to do.

We have an arrangement with our suppliers in Portugal for the organic, high quality t-shirts and are confident in our print facilities in the UK. We have produced very early release versions of the t-shirts already and the quality feels great.

In production things can always go wrong, but we have looked to mitigate this by locating back up suppliers and 15 years running clothing labels and production gives us the confidence that we will be able to deliver on the project and the rewards we are offering.

We have over ten individual artists signed up to the CMMNTY platform and producing limited edition works of art to wear and hang.

We need like-minded individuals, who are passionate about great art and doing good in the world, to join our collective. We have created special tiers of membership to allow people to join us and be part of the gallery.

We don’t envision any delays in getting the products to our backers and each backer becomes a CMMNTY member. We have allowed up to six months to get everything designed, printed, packaged and shipped, but this does include some contingency for unexpected set-backs as we do not want to be a campaign that slips!





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