Fresh Egg Timelapse / Mural by Snug

If you haven’t been lucky enough to see Snug paint in person, then this video is an amazing insight into his talent for detail and finish. Created over the course of 6 months the video records the production down to every awe-inspiring and minute detail. With the use of meticulous stenciling, vibrant colours and delicate painting techniques he has created a beautiful masterpiece for FreshEgg in Worthing. Snug – we salute you.


Link to the Fresh Egg post below

The Writing, And The Art, Is On The Wall At Fresh Egg



  • […] This room’s called Firefox because it’s nice and orange and other rooms follow in suit,¬†excluding the search engine Internet Explorer because as Paul explained ‘It never works properly’ . You can just about see a snippet of the graffiti mural by Snugone in the background of the picture but you can check out the full version here. […]

  • Sonya 22nd May 2012

    WOW… Watching this is amazing! Such a huge job. Your so talented and i’m blown away!!!

    • Madam 22nd May 2012

      Hi Sonya – thanks for the positive feedback. The artwork was painted by Snug, a very good friend of ours who we hope to see even more work from.


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