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Well it has been a strange 6-7 long weeks of isolating, and working from home, and not painting murals.  As we’ve had some time on our hands we’ve been working through our back catalogue and uploading some of our past graffiti video and art projects to YouTube. Strange to see how much time has passed, and how many we have lurking in the archives! Hopefully it will give some respite to any current difficulties, let us know what you think in the comments.

We hope you’ve all been managing OK in the lockdown due to this Coronavirus situation. It’s definitely tested us and I’m sure been difficult and will be more so for many of us. We send out positive vibes to everyone affected directly or indirectly.

Please check the full channel out here! We’ve listed what the new videos are below.

Most recently we shared Jim Vision’s Alien tribute mural. Painted over the course of 1 day, the mural feature timelapse, and hyperlapse and a unique soundtrack, with Importal Technique, Dance with the Devil and sound bites from Prometheus.

The Tempest Mural Hyperlapse video, Jim Vision was filmed by TC Shootme on Berwick Street in Soho. Jim envisages Shakespeare’s a play about magic, betrayal, love and forgiveness set on an island that begins amidst a huge storm.

One you may not have seen, beautiful shot by Urban Artistry of the Tiger Tiger mural Jim Vision painted in Manchester last year. And excerpt from William Blake’s  poem features.

And last but not least the international Meeting of Styles London UK 2016 roundup features Soom T’s Summer Day soundtrack. Soom T the wonderful Scottish singer of Indian descent came down from Glasgow to serenade us with her amazing sounds. What a beautiful year this was, set within the tracks at Nomadic Community Gardens, surrounded by our crew, extended family and a huge lineup of brilliant artists. Supported by Relentless, Loop, Mr Planthire and EndoftheLine.

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