High-Rise Mural by Jim Vision

2016 has had a somewhat tumultuous start, what with one thing or another, moving studios, running our retrospective show “Neverended” and planning the UK Meeting of Styles, we’ve not really had a chance to take a breath. The show only just been put to bed when we were tasked with creating a mural for Studiocanal’s recent release “High-Rise” starring Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans and a host of eclectic British actors and directed by Ben Wheatley.

Our search for the perfect high-rise wall and a friendly crew to work with took us to The Custard Factory and so began a weekend in Digbeth, Birmingham spent painting, filming, eating, and seeing the sights. Video credits to ArtistryTV & Idoru Productions & produced by EndoftheLine. A huge big up to Jim for painting up a crimson storm and editing the video in record time.

Check out the video here, released by BFI & the High-Rise movie twitter.


Check out a few images of the wall in progress below, painted over the course of a day and half, and alongside the St Patrick’s Day that Birmingham were hosting on the Sunday. Thanks to Custard Factory staff & security team, City of Colours, Hire a Graffiti Artist, The Bench and Newso48 for all your support and help.

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