Idris Elba joins Jim Vision at his Star Trek Beyond mural production

It’s not every day that you get to paint a huge Star Trek mural so when our past clients Paramount Pictures got in touch to ask if we could paint a large mural of the key characters we jumped at the opportunity. Little did we know that in the meantime they were also working on getting one of the stars to come down and get involved. With less than a week to plan the whole project we got things moving to create a huge piece featuring the key baddie and goodies from the new film, Star Trek Beyond.

It soon became clear that we would be joined on the 2nd day of painting by one of the key cast members. The challenge was set! In just two days Jim Vision managed to complete the majority of the mural featuring the 4 key cast members on the side of the Hat and Feathers pub in Clerkenwell, London. On the afternoon of the second day, a crowd of fans and passerby gathered for a very special meet & greet occasion. As everyone eagerly waited w blacked out car pulled up and none other than Idris Elba stepped out to say hi to the crowd. He overcame his height fears to join Jim on the scissor lift and apply a few finishing touches to the artwork, which features Zachary Quinto’s Spock, Sofia Boutella’s Jaylah, Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk, and his own Krall.

Please see the video that Paramount Pictures put together and some pictures after the jump.


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