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Jim Vision Colourful Women

In 2020 the world has seen some monumentally challenging situations and none more so than the fight to raise awareness for ‘Black Lives Matter’, a fight for racial justice and equality. Following the Lockdown, Mural painter and artist Jim Vision, initiated a mission to paint empowering women of colour on walls throughout Shoreditch and Brick Lane with his series Colourful Women. 

Jim hopes to raise awareness for the beauty of all people and to empower women, all lives don’t matter until black lives matter. The rainbow palette within Jim’s pieces work as a metaphor for the enriching strength of supporting diversity and embracing people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

Street artworks are transient, not all survive, some are lost.  Shoreditch, with it’s fast-paced turnover of mural art, is the epicenter of the culture and a maze of streets filled with unsanctioned artwork. 

Two of Jim’s murals have survived since they were painted during the Summer and early Spring. The Musician Marcia Richards of the Skints features in a kaleidoscopic dream world on Brick Lane, whilst in the second mural a beautiful black woman with magnificently colourful afro looks over Whitby Street.

Over the first weekend of October you can witness the artist putting the final touches to his most recent artwork as part of his ‘Colourful Women’ project. This new mural is located on the corner of Jerome street, E1, a location notorious as a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, and the site of a previously destroyed mural {See main picture}.

You can see the ‘Colourful Women’ murals on this attached map and find your way to them with a short walk around the Brick Lane neighbourhood. Explore the local area and witness Shoreditch’s open air art gallery.

Link to Map 

Whitechapel Gallery featured the series in their First Thursday’s release in tandem with Black History Month.

Whitechapel Gallery First Thursdays Colourful Women Feature


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