We were approached by techno/hip-hop fusion pioneers I Am Legion in the lead up to their album release & world tour. The band made up of dutch trio Noisia & Uk Hip-Hop legends Foreign Beggars, needed a campaign that would mirror their cool. We were asked to do a 4 part mural campaign to coincide with the release of the new single ‘Choosing for you’ & the I Am Legion album drop, so fans could take their photo next to the murals for a chance to win some IAL swag. Jim Vision headed to 4 major cities across the world including London, New York, Los Angeles & Paris. A great opportunity to hit up fresh spaces, see some fresh faces & generally get a bit of sun.

Jim started in New York and after rumours spread that the great Jay-Z was going to be on a rooftop in the area, the Brooklyn Massive headed out, only to find EOTL’s Jay-V painting this awesome IAL mural. Were they dissapointed? No way!…maybe a little – but the crowd remained amazed at the work going on and the word was starting to spread. So we continued on to dig our toes into the sandy beaches of Venice, LA.

Following that, after only 2 hours of prepping our wall in Paris it was bombed to Kabul by local writers and graffiti artists who headed out in the middle of the night like petit street urchins. It was only fair that we used this in the final design. THEN If that wasn’t enough (and of course you can always count on the British to do it better) during our time in Dalston, Jim was faced with having to run (*step sideways slightly*) for his life after being chased by a knife carrying outlaw. We do love a bit of drama.

EOTL have produced a video documenting their time in each city – See Below for full photos and video.















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