Meeting Of Styles 2011

Meeting of Styles 2011 was postponed initially because the original early August date was a little too soon after the youth of London, en masse, went shopping for new kicks with bricks instead of cash.

The powers that be pushed us back to October but luckily for us it stayed dry all day and in the end it turned out to be an even better day than we’d initially planned so it really does go to show everything happens for a reason.70 diverse artists came and painted brilliant pieces; from international stars like Kem5 from Boston and the Ghetto Farceur crew from France, to homegrown legends like Shok1, Lovepusher, SheOne, and Astek.
At the afterparty (which had been painted by Cept and Snoe beforehand) Phi Life Cypher, Buggsy, Reeps1, Joe Driscoll, Wrongtom, and Crossbone T all played great sets, as did our DJs Mylon, Trol23, Chu-i, and Rolls Royce. Most importantly everyone who came had a good time, new friendships were formed and old friends reunited. It was the best one yet, the only problem is it’s set the bar for Meeting of Styles 2012 very high, but that’s the type of problem we’re very happy to live with.

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