Meeting of Styles UK 2011

The 4th annual Meeting of Styles UK has been a long journey for us here at EndoftheLine. Having now had a chance to catch breath and reflect on the weekend that was, we’re extremely pleased with how it all went down. It was an entirely positive event, with no negative feedback other than a few petty internet haters and the residents noise complaints, but then we challenge you to put on an event in a residential area without that happening.

From the moment the artists turned up on Saturday morning it was always going to be a great day’s painting. The Ghetto Farceur boys from France rocked up with a 2 litre bottle of premixed pastis which was dutifully forced on anyone near them, 10 in the morning was a little early for us though. A big thank you to all the artists who made our job so much easier.

When you have your Summer event pushed back to October the weather is one of the biggest concerns. Luckily for us we had a pretty dry day with only the odd spit of moisture and the sun was even allegedly spotted once or twice. Picking out highlights from an event packed with show-stoppers isn’t easy, and everyone raised their game so high it’s even harder. We’ll let the pictures do the talking at this point, let us know which pieces are your favourites.

Musically we got down to the sounds of Chu-i, Rolls Royce, and Trol23 – who had the excellent ‘Granville Sessions’ and Si Philly jump up for a freestyle session. Mylon played hip hop classics to take us in to the main acts of the afterparty and soldiered through some technical issues with the decks. Reeps1, Crossbone T, and Buggsy all absolutely killed it before the mighty Phi Life Cypher stepped up and showed everyone why they deserve their legendary status. With Joe Driscoll’s incredible loop pedal skills and Wrongtom’s hard reggae riddims to finish things off in style it really couldn’t have been better.

Massive biggups to all those who painted, all the musicians, everyone who helped in any way no matter how small, we couldn’t have done it without you. Particular thanks go to Mylon, Jay, Tom, and Amuk for coming to help Probs, Matilda, and Trol23 prep all the walls (that was a LOT of black emulsion). Big shout to Cept and Snoe for pimping the party space, it really looked amazing. Boyd made the day so special by running the best workshops we could possibly have had. Mad love to the ever calm under pressure Chu-i who was the host with the most as always, and the event would’ve been nothing without the help of Natalie, Zia, Margot, and Riya. Lastly we have to biggup the Storm Freerun ninjas, who did mind boggling flips and gainers all day, and all the people who’ve left us such positive feedback, it means a lot. The tag on the Ghetto Farceur, Bonzai, and Epok wall sums things up nicely – “Meeting of Smiles”.

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