New JimVision / Endoftheline Show-reel

So it’s been mighty snowy, rainy, and cold but as things have been brightening there’s also some great things brewing in the EndoftheLine and Jim Vision camp. After a busy 2017 spent painting walls and working on community projects like the Nomadic Community Gardens & Meeting of Styles, Jim has put together a fresh show-reel of our favourite projects from the last few years. In addition to featuring supreme hyper-lapse footage from TCShootme, there’s clips from the Tron : Legacy, Mission Impossible, The Watchmen mural projects, amongst others and it features collaborative pieces with artists like Busk, Oly Kenna, and DrZadok.

As a creative production team Endoftheline, headed up by Jim Vision, started working in the time-lapse / video / graffiti genre in 2008, but Jim’s interest in creating videos stem from studying time-based new media and checking out the inspiring works from Exceeda, Chris Cunningham, Dj Yoda and more. His first early time-lapses were for Ninja Scroll, and then this expanded to working on projects for Paramount Pictures in early 2009, where we worked with Sam Wilkins and somehow managed to kill a Canon camera by taking too many pictures…. phew. That first video was a crazy project. ver the course of 5 days 4 artists painted multiple characters each day and each morning we turned up and painted out the work from the day with a new set piece. It was a world first and the videos on multiple channels on youtube went viral before people even really knew what that meant.

Our first videos were simple concepts but since then we’ve tried to reinvent them and add in new elements, like drone camera footage for the Metal Gear rising mural in 2013, as a way to level up the way we record the awesome murals painted by the artists we’re working with and to deal with taller walls and larger spaces to record. Nearly all of the videos are edited in-house by Vision himself, but over the years we have been humbled by the input from a huge wealth of creative talent from like-minded photographers, videographers and video geniuses.

This new mashup show-reel features the tune – Gift of Gab (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O.

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