Still saving the bees..

Yesterday morning, on a beautiful sunny day in our new yard space, we spotted a tiny creature emerging from under our gate, struggling for his life and aimlessly wondering in to the danger of the open road. With the cat nearby, school children on the horizon, there was little hope for this tubby bumble bee. So naturally we picked the little guy up and placed him in the safe sanction of our daffodils that sit proudly in the urban jungle of Whitechapel. Today, we find him, in the same spot, but alive and well. A small feat. But a small drop in the ocean for this drastically declining race.

Last year we joined street artist and environmental activist Louis Masai on a campaign around London to raise awareness to the dangers to the bee population in the UK. We raised this recently when GreenPeace had shared Jim Vision & Louis Masai’s murals in East London, continuing to bring to light the situation as, one year on from the incorrectly released governments statement about pesticides in the area, the UK bee population is still coming out on top as having the highest decline at a harrowing 45%. That’s nearly half of our population of bees.

This year we are looking to join Masai again for a joint #SavetheBees project to continue to raise awareness of this ongoing issue..

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