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Have you heard of Patreon or wondered how you can support an artist? Now is your chance to learn about both of these things. Patreon allows anyone to to create a sustainable income by running a membership business for fans. As many of you will know pursuing an independent creative business is hard, and doing so in London can be impossible sometimes.

What our founder Jim loves most is painting murals and artwork from the heart that connect with and inspire the viewer. We hope that you will take the time to check out the new Patreon page Jim that has set up. You can be a supporter of this great artist and help him to paint more beautiful works like those we’ve posted below. From as little as $5 (it’s an american site but with a global reach).

See the page here:

Patreon lists it’s key advantages as a way to create a meaningful revenue stream, regain creative freedom and that globally every month over 150 million is distributed. Apparently the average patron pays more each month than Netflix, Spotify and Amazon, which is pretty awesome!

DSC_1475_SAA_web_streetart DSC03496Jim Vision Old Nichol Street_20170201_093945_Richtone(HDR)_edit Patreon Jim Vision holywell_lane (5 of 9) Patreon


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