Creating Waves with Jim Vision

Jim Vision’s work has been taken over the world. Like the tsunami style waves he has been painting from Tahiti to Teufelsberg, Shoreditch to the sunny shores of LA, Jim Vision’s waves have been taking the world by storm. Some of you may have seen some of these beauties in your local area, especially taking prominence in spots in Shoreditch from Dereham place, Rhoda street, Turville street and round the back of Redchurch street, but that’s not all. Jim’s waves have seen the likes of the Brooklyn Projects skate shop in LA, the Audience offices, the beautiful beaches of Tahiti and even at Koningsdag festival in Amsterdam. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Like a brut force, Jim continues to make waves on the street. Get your anoraks out.

See more on Jim Vision here.

Auchentoshan at Translate Bar

I don’t know about everyone else, but how exciting is London Cocktail week!? The London cocktail scene is comparable to none, and with new and breaking edge bars popping up all over the big smoke with bar tenders taking the science to a new level, we are losing our minds with all the different places we should be at.

BUT, in the wee hours of Monday morning we knew where we were headed: Translate bar on Kinsgland road to give the single malt, triple distilled Scotch whiskey brand Auchentoshan a great backdrop to their pop-up event. Mixing wild-style, realism and the classic Auchentoshan branding we created a fresh and unique look that worked in harmony with their new drink concepts.

In association with White Label UK for London Cocktail week, Auchentoshan will be putting on a night of masterclasses, showcases and music, and all this wonderful stuff is happening TONIGHT at Translate bar. If you don’t make it over – they do a killer Bloody Mary and brunch so head over this weekend to catch a glimpse of what we created..

First Thursday 01 Oct 2015

It’s been a nice week right? So why not celebrate by getting out on the town and checking out the latest and greatest in the galleries tonight. Frieze and Moniker are fast approaching so the events are getting exciting, and international artists are coming from all over to get a foot in. It’s this time of year we live for, and tonight is no different.

So take a look at some of the shows opening tonight that we think you need to get your fine behinds to..

Mad C – Character @ Pure Evil

We’ve been excited about this for quite a while. It’s been almost 2 years now since we saw this fierce German powerhouse’s solo show and now she has returned to bring us Character. Expect defined bold lines and a good dose of colour at this opening – if you can get through the doors..


Natural’s Not In It – Danny Augustine @ Jealous¬†

One of the magic men behind the scenes at the notorious Jealous gallery has finally opened the doors to his very own solo show. Combining traditional printing techniques with a mix of gothic and renaissance style artwork in a contemporary palette makes this show one of the dark horses of the week.

Danny Augustine - Jealous

#FirstThursday Kid Acne exhibition @ Boxpark 

Kid Acne launches this First Thursday at Boxpark in Shoreditch with some of his signature pieces. This ‘modern day renaissance man’ with his distinct vinyl designs and bold shapes and characters looks to brighten up this space alongside some great music and food from the residents.

Kid Acne - Boxpark

Keith Baugh @ London Westbank

Take a journey through some of New Yorks oldest subway graffiti through the paintings and photographs of legend Keith Baugh.

Keith Baugh - Westbank

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