Auchentoshan at Translate Bar

I don’t know about everyone else, but how exciting is London Cocktail week!? The London cocktail scene is comparable to none, and with new and breaking edge bars popping up all over the big smoke with bar tenders taking the science to a new level, we are losing our minds with all the different places we should be at.

BUT, in the wee hours of Monday morning we knew where we were headed: Translate bar on Kinsgland road to give the single malt, triple distilled Scotch whiskey brand Auchentoshan a great backdrop to their pop-up event. Mixing wild-style, realism and the classic Auchentoshan branding we created a fresh and unique look that worked in harmony with their new drink concepts.

In association with White Label UK for London Cocktail week, Auchentoshan will be putting on a night of masterclasses, showcases and music, and all this wonderful stuff is happening TONIGHT at Translate bar. If you don’t make it over – they do a killer Bloody Mary and brunch so head over this weekend to catch a glimpse of what we created..

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