Star Wars on Walls

Everyone has Star Wars fever. And it’s spreading fast! In the build up to the release of the long-awaited The Force Awakens, it seems every company in the world is trying to hop on the Star Wars tip and find a way to get over to the darkside in time for Christmas. The art world is no different and this week, we are preparing for the approaching show The Artist Awakens from Incandescent Artists due to open it’s doors at the Underdog Gallery later this week. (see more details below) So to celebrate, we have released a limited number of prints from the show of Jim Vision’s canvas. This limited edition 1/30 giclee print is also available in a number of sizes available for purchase here. But in the meantime and in the spirit of all things Star Wars, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite Star Wars graffiti pieces from over the years.. Kicking off with the simple, lovely and long standing characters based in our hometown here, Shoreditch. Space Invader put up this pixelated representation of Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker mid-battle. This has been here for a good 4 years and still stands at the American hand car wash on Great Eastern street – may the Space Invader force be with you!

Mexico City Star Wars Day Mexico City’s street art initiative Street Art Chilango was set up to uplift the areas within the city and to address political and social issues. On Official Star Wars Day (May 4th) the city was taken over by Star Wars graffiti from a whole host of different artists. Unfortunately i’m struggling to find the names of some of the artists however check out this incredible Storm Trooper mural that was part of the collection and this Yoda mural painted by O.U.R.


Eduardo Kobra This is potentially one of the best pieces of Star Wars street art ever to be seen. In his classic dramatic, brightly coloured realism meets geometric style, Eduardo Kobra creates this stunning Yoda portrait at Wynwood walls Miami earlier this year. Not to jump on the Star Wars hype, but more using this iconic figure to address the conflict we are consistently seeing across the globe.

Then there was that time that Aroe from MSK & Heavy Artillery crew headed on down to the sunny shores of Brighton to complete this sick mural of an At-At family.

Smug never fails to impress, and did exactly that with this representation of Yoda.

Last but by no means least is the current mural in production by our creative director here Jim Vision. Still needing to be completed, this wall took the place of the recent Terry Pratchett tribute mural on the old Shoreditch Undergroung site. Keeping true to the theme of this wall, Jim began a tribute to the late and great Noryoshi Ohrai: The master behind the iconic Empire Strikes Back poster artwork. Responsible shortly after for a lot more of their artwork and also that of Godzilla & The Goonies, Ohrai passed back in October. So expect to see more of this classic Star Wars themed wall appearing over the next few weeks just on Pedley Street E1.

Jim Vision will also be putting his work in to ‘The Artist Awakens’ exhibition due to open it’s doors tomorrow evening at 7PM at the Underdog gallery. But to have a little bit of a pre-celebration, we are releasing a limited number of prints for you to Purchase or Win! Simply click here for more details!



Jim Vision paints Star Wars wall in Brick Lane

It was time to say goodbye to the beloved Terry Pratchett mural when Jim Vision headed out to the wall on Pedley street last week.

After a strong 8 months, the Terry Pratchett mural was looking slightly worse for wear, so Jim decided to pay tribute to another great artist that has inspired him over the years.

Noriyoshi Ohrai was the man behind the legendary Star Wars posters from the 80’s including the notable ‘Empire Strikes Back’, alongside artwork for the Godzilla posters and the Goonies original artwork. Ohrai passed at the end of October, so as an homage to this incredible talent, Jim Vision recreated some of the original Star Wars artwork. The paint started last week and will be finished in the coming two weeks in preparation for the Star Wars ‘The Artist Awakens’ exhibition from Incandescent Art on the 17th December where you will be able to find original artwork from Jim Vision.

In the meantime keep Instagramming, Tweeting and having a peek at the wall that will be. We’ll see you on the street!

Happy Halloween from EndoftheLine

Our favourite time of year is upon us!

The trees have taken on the beautiful colours of fire, the mornings are getting cold and crisp and there’s an abundance of sweets to choose from in our local supermarkets. That’s right, we could go on about all the reasons to love October, but the main one for us is of course Halloween.

We’re suckers for a good dress up and face paint, and what better reason to do it than scare our kids right out of their skin in the name of Hallow’s Eve. Jim Vision seconds this notion and does this well with apt artwork dotted around the area that’ll make your skin crawl and make you turn screaming ‘Mum!’

This year’s Halloween wall is in the works and will appear just before that special day so keep your eyes peeled, but in the meantime we take a look back at some of the best spooky street art from Jim Vision…

We start our collection with the Zombie Apocalypse wall on Braithwaite street that was installed in preparation for the Rockwell Horror show held last year at Rockwell House.

Next up is a few Jim Vision classics complete with the usual blood, gore, swords and supernatural characters, including the Dark Elf, The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Slough feg and the Darksiders wall… Keep those bottoms tight and enjoy!

Thanks to all of our photographers who have taken great snaps of these walls!

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