MOS Wiesbaden 2015

This summer, a small team from the EndoftheLine crew headed over to Wiesbaden to paint for the original Meeting of Styles festival. Taking a prime position at a water station just set back from the main site, the guys came up with a collaborative underwater theme mixed in with some banging characters and letter wildstyles. Jim Vision, Dr Zadok & Tizer stepped up alongside Vile, Odeith, The TSF Crew, Esteo & Naste & Disorderline. Take a look at some of the images below to see how this mega collaboration panned out…

Thanks to THE man of MOS, Manuel for the images.

Jim Vision X Gent 48

Quick collaboration by Jim Vision & Gent 48 last week in Shoreditch. This impromptu 5 metre wall mural was completed in a mere 3 hours just before sunset, and was done so quickly, we actually didn’t make it down to take any snaps of our own, so we’ve scrolled through Instagram and borrowed those that we thought were great snaps of the new piece. So many thanks to @Mafioso_, @Ugz, @Ldn_calling_blog, @Graffiti_London & @Arby1975 for sharing the work!

Jim Vision X David Walker on Hewett Street

Last week we saw one of our favourite artists that we hadn’t worked with in a really really long time and it was lovely.

David Walker opened and closed the doors to his solo show ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’ at the Hoxton Gallery with the Lawrence Alkin gallery, (See EOTL post here) and had some spare time on is hands whilst in town, so he head on over to Rockwell House on Hewett Street to paint some fine spots with EndoftheLine’s finest: Jim Vision. Together they created a piece that took on and paired both original styles beautifully. Continuing the pieced-together style thread from his exhibition, Walker sectioned up the wall, underlaying a stunning portrait which was then overlaid with panels of bright colour from Jim Vision. Combining both Vision’s freehand, mark-making style, and Walker’s scratchy blocks of colour, one would think that this piece had the potential to be quite messy. In reality, the results were stunning.

Photography by Tamara Elhaj

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