Bom.K – Progress on Pedley Street

Yesterday we ventured out of the nest after rumours told that our friend from across the waters was out painting on Pedley street. We’ve known Bom.K for quite some time now following a number of exhibitions including Meeting of Styles and Shades of Things to Come, and saw him last when he came over for a group show with his fellow crewdem, the world renowned french team Da Mental Vaporz for the Urban Masters show at Factory 7.

Now this gentle genius has returned to open the doors to his solo show as part of Moniker Art Fair. L’imprevisible Imaginaire is one of the most exciting exhibits to be shown in this fair and we cannot wait to get down to the opening night this evening to see what he’s been cooking up. On his arrival, Bom.K was also so kind to bring us a couple of gifts from his last shows. See his figure from Aerotik collection and a collaborative print from Bom.K, Brusk & Gris1.

L’imprevisible Imaginaire opens tonight at Moniker Art Fair and will run through until Sunday 18th at the MYA Gallery stand – Want to get a look in? Get your tickets here.

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Ph Tamara Elhaj

Da Mental Vaporz at Crimes of Mind

Crimes of Mind is a project run in the seaside city of Brest in France, by non profit organisation Sugar Rush. Their aim is to expand the presence of urban art of all kinds by transforming the city into a huge urban art gallery once a year at Crimes of Mind. Further to this, the project focusses on the progression of urban art and its boundaries, eventually with the aim to integrate the genre within a contextual realm.

Since the beginnings of the project Da Mental Vaporz crew have contributed to the painting of public spaces around the city, bringing the artwork out of the galleries and into spaces where there are no limits. The underlying values of the project are to not deteriorate an area, instead to embellish, emphasis and give character to places that otherwise may be overlooked.

This year 21 national and international artists have been invited to paint throughout the city of Brest, and to tie in with the end of this years project a huge retrospective exhibition has taken place to host the launch of a new publication which will document the Crimes of Mind process. Check out the DMV piece, featuring joint work from Blo, Bom.K, Gris1 and Kan.

Crimes of Mind this year featured: Liliwenn (FR),  Jef Aerosol (FR), Guy Denning (UK), Ben Slow (UK),  Finbarr Dac (UK), Da Mental Vaporz (Bom.K, Blo, Brusk, Gris1, Kan, Sowat),  C215 (FR), Morten Andersen (DK), Alice Pasquini (IT), Kool Korr (US), Best Ever (UK), Pakone (FR), Celeste Java (FR), TSF, Antoine Stevens (FR)

Photos by Butterfly





Urban Masters Exhibition!

Last night EOTL headed round the corner to a sneek preview of the long awaited Urban Masters exhibition & the show was everything that we hoped it would be. The show held the biggest names from the industry, and the artwork was stunning. With mixed media works from sculpture to paintings, there was no common thread within the work,  however this simply didn’t matter and each piece was as individual as the creators. It was an honest representation of the true masters of graffiti from around the world & took us back to the roots of this ever-changing art form.

Artists included Banksy, Shepherd Fairey, Roa, Sweet Toof, Ron English & our personal favourites; the DMV crew. The show will run until 18th November and is curated by the Opera Gallery and Butterfly productions in East London’s Factory 7 at 13 Hearn Street, London EC2A 3LS.

We strongly suggest you get down there!



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