Jim Vision paints Star Wars wall in Brick Lane

It was time to say goodbye to the beloved Terry Pratchett mural when Jim Vision headed out to the wall on Pedley street last week.

After a strong 8 months, the Terry Pratchett mural was looking slightly worse for wear, so Jim decided to pay tribute to another great artist that has inspired him over the years.

Noriyoshi Ohrai was the man behind the legendary Star Wars posters from the 80’s including the notable ‘Empire Strikes Back’, alongside artwork for the Godzilla posters and the Goonies original artwork. Ohrai passed at the end of October, so as an homage to this incredible talent, Jim Vision recreated some of the original Star Wars artwork. The paint started last week and will be finished in the coming two weeks in preparation for the Star Wars ‘The Artist Awakens’ exhibition from Incandescent Art on the 17th December where you will be able to find original artwork from Jim Vision.

In the meantime keep Instagramming, Tweeting and having a peek at the wall that will be. We’ll see you on the street!

Stormy Seas in Shoreditch

Over the last 2 weeks Jim Vision has been stopping back at a little spot just off Shoreditch High St to add, wave by wave, to this detailed recreation of a stormy seas and surfers scene. Continuing on with his regal battleships & apocalyptic storms paintings, that have popped up on quite a few walls now around the area; we’re starting to worry that pretty soon the whole of Shoreditch will be under water.

Taking all in all 3 days to complete, it was an interesting watch…also because we could eat cake whilst he worked with the good people at The Tuck Shop (go check them out opposite the wall)

Look out for more surfers riding waves around London, coming very soon!…

Photos taken by Madam

Antony Lister meets the Street – we join the talent in and around east london

Following our recent blog post about Lister’s exhibition that opened it’s doors last week, Mr Lister seems to be fulfilling the rest of his time in London by making his mark everywhere around east & beyond! Antony Lister meets the Street in East London and is not one to be missed!

Last weekend EndOfTheLine had the pleasure of painting up some fresh walls with the fella, and was able watch him at work in the studio. New locations include a shutter down White Church Lane with Probs & Tizer, a new door just off Great Eastern Street and a super secret rooftop location…take a little look at some of the outstanding work he’s done.

Antony Lister meets the Street – show details

Lister’s show ‘Unslung Heroes’ is still running until the 22 December at The Outsiders Gallery 

Photos by EOTL

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