Arts Calendar December 2015!

Ooh December is getting exciting! I keep planning to leave the rat race early for Christmas and every time I open my Instagram or Facebook there’s yet ANOTHER great art show approaching that is keeping me stuck here in the smoke at the ready with the camera… So we thought we wouldn’t keep all this goodness to ourselves and have compiled a little list of the best things on this December that YOU should be shaking on down to.

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Winter Group Show at Stolen Space Gallery – Cosmic Flush 

#Paintguide at Unit London

Star Wars ‘The Artist Awakens’ at Underdog Gallery

‘Yeah Man’ book signing with Will Barras

DMV Crew at Scope art show Miami

 Teenage Kicks @ Saatchi Gallery

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 18.04.09

Fresh Presented by Blair Zaye

First Thursday in London – 03/09/15

Happy First Thursday London!

There is so much going on this month in the arts calendar, we almost wish we could doppelgang our way to everything, but alas, we must be selective. So if you’re getting confused as to which events are going to be the cream of the crop, we’ve gathered a few good places to start this week..


Tears for Murphy @ Doomed Gallery

TFM is a collaborative exhibition organised by Joel Millerchip that focus on how young Generations visually grieve. By turning a death of a real life family pet into a Contemporary 1 night wake exhibition at Dalston’s Doomed Gallery.

Tears for Murphy


Thrifty Egos @ Proof Gallery 

THRIFTYEGOS is an exhibition of collaborative paintings by GENT and NEWSO – FORTYEIGHTS. The UK based graffiti artists share a strong visual identity and have been painting walls together for over a decade.

Thrifty-Egos---48S-FLYER (1)

LAX/LHR @ Stolen Space Gallery

From LA to London, StolenSpace Gallery & ThinkSpace LA are joining forces to co- curate a group show this September in London at StolenSpace Gallery.


Safehouse1 @ 193 Copeland Rd

The Workshop Collective is invading Safehouse 1 to bring you two days of visual and auditory expression.



Wimbledon Postgraduate Show

Catch the ‘up and coming’ artists of tomorrow at the Wimbledon College of Arts Postgraduate Degree Show featuring work by graduating students.


Modern Art Buyers @ 173 Whitecross Street 

Jessica Lloyd-Smith from Modern ArtBuyer brings a selection of exceptional artists to the London pop-up gallery at 173 Whitecross Street, 1-14 September.


I Don’t Leave Me This Way @ Cabin Gallery 

Steven Allen


American Car Meet @ Bungalow Diner

This is a bit of a random one and technically greater London, but if you’re a crazy car enthusiast or just wanna hang with some this is definitely your chance to see some hot wheels in an excellent venue!

american hotrod


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