MOS Wiesbaden 2015

This summer, a small team from the EndoftheLine crew headed over to Wiesbaden to paint for the original Meeting of Styles festival. Taking a prime position at a water station just set back from the main site, the guys came up with a collaborative underwater theme mixed in with some banging characters and letter wildstyles. Jim Vision, Dr Zadok & Tizer stepped up alongside Vile, Odeith, The TSF Crew, Esteo & Naste & Disorderline. Take a look at some of the images below to see how this mega collaboration panned out…

Thanks to THE man of MOS, Manuel for the images.

Nelio: Artist profile

Nelio is a French graffiti artist with a bold style combining eye catching colour palettes, graphics, illustration, lettering and collage. His roots firmly within graffiti, his other influences include architecture, art history and graphic design. He often takes colour and compositional inspiration from the walls that he paints on which can be aged, deteriorating and faded.

Nelio: Wahaca in Covent Garden

His work is contemporary whilst often taking inspiration from ancient imagery and themes – We came across a project he did in January for the mexican street food restaurant Wahaca. He has looked to Mexico for inspiration – especially Mayan architecture and colourful piƱatas.

With artistic direction finely executed by designer Tristan Manco, Nelio creates a colourful backdrop and tribal 3d compositions using found materials and wood.

Check out his Flickr and blog page.


Artwork by Nelio: Wahaca restaurant, Covent garden


Wahaca, Covent Garden





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