Creating Waves with Jim Vision

Jim Vision’s work has been taken over the world. Like the tsunami style waves he has been painting from Tahiti to Teufelsberg, Shoreditch to the sunny shores of LA, Jim Vision’s waves have been taking the world by storm. Some of you may have seen some of these beauties in your local area, especially taking prominence in spots in Shoreditch from Dereham place, Rhoda street, Turville street and round the back of Redchurch street, but that’s not all. Jim’s waves have seen the likes of the Brooklyn Projects skate shop in LA, the Audience offices, the beautiful beaches of Tahiti and even at Koningsdag festival in Amsterdam. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Like a brut force, Jim continues to make waves on the street. Get your anoraks out.

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Jim Vision X Martin Ron Collaboration Wall

It’s not very often a friend of ours as far as Buenos Aires comes over to London, so when we heard that Matin Ron was going to be in town for his solo exhibition Soup at Mead Carney, we made it our mission to nab him for a drink, a good old chin wag and a painting session in Shoreditch. The Argentinian genius and the big man Jim Vision found a spot on Old Nicol St (Behind the Albion) and successfully bought their signature styles together¬†in an apocalyptic hand held storm. An absolutely epic watch and even more impressive that they completed this painting within about 3 hours through broken torrential rain. If you haven’t been round to see it yet, make sure you get a chance. Although we can tell this one’s going to be a keeper on the Shoreditch streets.


Martin Ron – SOUP @ The Mead Carney Gallery

Last night EndoftheLine made off to the Mead Carney Gallery on Dover Street to go and see the Argentinian artistic genius Martin Ron’s first European solo show, SOUP. The show was a carefully selected number of works featuring his signature snails & hands with a mix of paint splatters & graffiti that came together with an impossibly¬†real fantasy feel. His work is exquisite and demonstrates an artists imagination on a new level, with whales jumping out of tuna cans and a turtle-led sail boat, you could stand in front of his works forever.

His exhibition runs in this space until the 25th of May so make sure you get down for this very rare chance to see Ron’s work in the flesh!

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