MOS Wiesbaden 2015

This summer, a small team from the EndoftheLine crew headed over to Wiesbaden to paint for the original Meeting of Styles festival. Taking a prime position at a water station just set back from the main site, the guys came up with a collaborative underwater theme mixed in with some banging characters and letter wildstyles. Jim Vision, Dr Zadok & Tizer stepped up alongside Vile, Odeith, The TSF Crew, Esteo & Naste & Disorderline. Take a look at some of the images below to see how this mega collaboration panned out…

Thanks to THE man of MOS, Manuel for the images.

Meeting of Styles UK 2015

Meeting of Styles UK 2015 took place over the weekend of the 11th & 12th of July.

The streets of London stood in awe and watched live painting by over 60 graffiti & street artists from across the UK and beyond. London did the International Meeting of Styles festival proud with an impressive line-up, some old, some new, but all bearing a strong load of talent behind their spray fingers.

The Nomadic Community Garden in E2, just off Brick Lane and Cheshire Street played host to this mini-festival with music, food and craft stalls set amongst the planters and community growing beds, all surrounded by artists painting live across the 2 days.

The line-up was as diverse as it was high-quality with artists taking part from across the UK, France, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Brazil, and Slovakia.

In all, we received over 400 applicants for this year’s MOS UK. Humbling and soul destroying as it was, we whittled that down to a mere 60 that all stepped up and painted at the top of their game.

The largest wall situated at the heart of the festival and standing at 18 metres wide by 8 metres tall features artwork from 8 different artists, Adno from Russia, Awone & Tyme from Sweden, Kak, Ekto, DrZadok and Jim Vision from the UK.

Over the course of the festival, the 8 artists painted an incredible burner wall that towers over the site at it’s eastern point, so we could all sit back, relax have a cold brew and watch the marvel happen.

Beside these talented cats, and set as stunning new backdrop to the gardens were FPLO (Brazil) & Morgazmik who created a colourful, collaborative mash-up of psychedelic waves and characters, Trafik Grafiks went totally monotone on us, Auto1, Fumero, Jotace, Studi, Ewelina and Chuck (who were our late additions) took out the walls in all the colours serving up their signature style dubs.

Across from the garden we had a new collab piece by Stendec & Soma, down the road a 3D masters wall from Kid Crow, Ebee, Zase, OG Hush, Lloulie and Gams,

New friend of MOS, Neoh, took on a different style by painting an abstract, cubism style, 3 piece self-portrait. A few steps further along and you can witness the labours of love from AR, Himbad, and our radio supporters Itch FM’s very own Four. Gent & Newso of the 48 crew collaborated, creating a pixelated twist on their go-to characters, next to this were individual but equally amazing pieces from Twesh, Ders & Odisy.

With great food served up by J-Dog on the Saturday, and the Rockwell Bar serving up tasty treats from the sponsors Jameson Irish Whiskey, Amigos Tequila Beer, and Pistonhead Lager, live music and beats from The Beatbox Collective, Trackside Burners, Itch FM, and dj’s, Wob, Stix (Dub Pistols), Captain Dom, and Maj Duckworth the weekend was an all round treat.

Despite some summer showers and a visit from our local, friendly BTP in the latter part of Sunday, the final elements of the walls were added and new spots got painted, Brave Arts ran free graffiti workshops for anyone who wanted to have a go, whilst the jerk chicken bbq and thirst-quenching drinks were flowing. On the decks & mics we had the Moose Funk Squad, and the Beatbox Collective came and dropped some mouthy beats for us. Dave from Shoreditch Street Art Tours also offered up free street art tours exclusive to Meeting of Styles, taking in all of the completed walls from the weekend.

A special thanks to everyone that made that weekend happen including;

The Nomadic Community GardensMr Plant HireAlfreshcoLoop ColorsJameson Irish Whiskey,Pistonhead LagerAmigos Tequila Flavoured BeerThe Dictionary HostelEurolinesItch FMDJ Philly,Trackside BurnersThe Beatbox CollectiveMaj DuckworthSugai, Wob, Stix, Captain Dom, Gnarly,Shoreditch Street Art ToursThe Moosefunk SquadLazy Habits crewVirginia the WolfSonia Sharma, Ian James, Mike LambertGiaime BertiNicolas TaghaviPassi PassiIdoru productions, Tallula Maskell-key, Cindy Nidrouj, Rita Amor, Captain CrunchReeps OneJoe LDN Graffiti  & of course, Chui.

Yay for Festi Season!

Who’s got their horrendous anoraks, kag in bags and see through Dr Martins at the ready?

That’s right Ladies & Gents, if you have already had your festi fill for this year, then no doubt you are sitting behind your desks and wriggling your toes in excitement for that weekend when you can let go of your inhibitions, get your crazy catsuit out and act like a freakin’ weirdo with everyone else you don’t know but feel like you’ve known your entire lives. We sure are.

So in the spirit of festi fun we’ve compiled a collection of all the festivals we’ve done so far and a couple of our favourite shots from our past ones including Meeting of Styles UKBoomtown festival, Wake Life Weekend, Upfest Urban Paint Festival, Kingspray, Amsterdam, Berlin Rising and Ono’U Tahiti.

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