Meeting of Styles 2016 UK Festival Release

The UK Meeting of Styles festival comes to London – Full Press Details are here.

Sandwiched between the tracks on the north side of the overground between Shoreditch High Street and Whitechapel station you will glimpse an organic space filled with activity, and surrounded by painted walls. Imagine spending 3 days in a garden oasis, in the middle of the city, immersed in live painting and music, and all for free.

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Gent & Newso at Rockwell House

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from our good pals from the Midlands, Gent & Newso from the 48 crew.

It was THE night to be in town with Snik, Meggs, Philth, Dran AND Borondo all opening shows across central and east London, the boys headed down to see what all the fuss was about and got some fresh licks of paint on the walls of Rockwell House whilst they were down here… so with a few hours of sunlight left, they got to it. Take a look and see what these two little geniuses came up with..

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Ph Tamara Elhaj

Jim Vision at the 5th Base Gallery

Last weekend Jim Vision headed over to the 5th Base gallery just off of Brick Lane to paint a wall so big that we had to tape 3 extended paint poles together. The method proved difficult and we’re not sure that Jim could even see what he was painting at this height. However, with great patience and perseverance he managed to paint this incredible apocalyptic sea scene with roaring waves, a doom destined ship and a little surfer guy fashioning a tribal mask. It totally works. He calls this one The Ancient Mariner.

This piece will stay on this wall for a year, so if you’d like to get down and see it in the flesh, you’ve got some time.

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