Auchentoshan at Translate Bar

I don’t know about everyone else, but how exciting is London Cocktail week!? The London cocktail scene is comparable to none, and with new and breaking edge bars popping up all over the big smoke with bar tenders taking the science to a new level, we are losing our minds with all the different places we should be at.

BUT, in the wee hours of Monday morning we knew where we were headed: Translate bar on Kinsgland road to give the single malt, triple distilled Scotch whiskey brand Auchentoshan a great backdrop to their pop-up event. Mixing wild-style, realism and the classic Auchentoshan branding we created a fresh and unique look that worked in harmony with their new drink concepts.

In association with White Label UK for London Cocktail week, Auchentoshan will be putting on a night of masterclasses, showcases and music, and all this wonderful stuff is happening TONIGHT at Translate bar. If you don’t make it over – they do a killer Bloody Mary and brunch so head over this weekend to catch a glimpse of what we created..

#DoTheDew with Mountain Dew

At the beginning of this year we teamed up with the good guys at ID Experiential who were given the brief to rebrand energy drink Mountain Dew. They wanted to achieve an interactive pop-up that encompassed all aspects of the culture around the brand; the skating, the music and the graffiti and street art culture. So with this in mind they set up an open container and placed it in prime spots in Liverpool, Birmingham & London.

Within the container, the team had set up a games room & DJ booth and filled the space with an intricately decorated skate decks exhibition. On the outside, the EndoftheLine team set about painting a freestyle mural that would embody the rebrand, whilst also giving one-on-one spray painting workshops to passers by. They also brought on board XFM & Capital Xtra to provide some well respected mixes that had us vibrating from morning to eve.

The events were hugely successful, and minus the inevitable graffiti turf wars that were starting to take shape on the workshop walls, we think everyone had a really great time. Vision’s work created a stunning backdrop to town centres and were instantly eye-catching, working off the brands neon, eye-burning bottles. Take a look at some of the images below.

Urban in Ibiza

Over the last week we’ve been at Urban in Ibiza, an art, music and fashion concept set in the beautiful and serene setting of the Agroturismo Atzaro resort. Organised by London’s West bank Gallery‘s Dizzi Saunders, Urban in Ibiza is dedicated to bringing together creativity and diversity by bringing together artists, designers and music acts to exhibit alongside each other for this event. For their fifth anniversary this year, artists have been chosen in association with the gallery to come to enjoy the sun and the scenery, and do a bit of painting while they’re at it too. In the art hub of the festival, we arrived to find a huge canvas to fill: the Urban in Ibiza tour bus on which Probs framed the huge text by Inkie with his signature fluid feathers and his galactic star scapes. During the next week Endoftheline checked in on Vision and many other artists working alongside each other by the pool. The artwork went on to be showcased within a pop up exhibition besides over 150 pieces of artwork that came along for the ride. We’ve had a supremely laid back event thanks to the man in charge Dizzi, the artists, the crowd and the surroundings. Check out more photos and info from Urban in Ibiza over on their facebook page.

20130801_211856,Urban in Ibiza

Inkie and Probs

20130730_131401,Urban in Ibiza

20130728_183555,Urban in Ibiza






 Inkie, Probs, Mau Mau



 Mau Mau, Probs, Fin DAC


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