Ernest Zacharevic – Portraits of Malaysia

Last night during a lazy night in, I tuned in to Fashion One TV and found myself watching a short documentary of the Lithuanian born artist Ernest ‘ZACH’ Zacharevic. Not being overly familiar with his work, I found the ‘day-in-a-life’ style short that focused on his work in Malaysia, fascinating.

Zach made his name with the locals by taking photos of the everyday faces of the people around him and painting interactive portraits of them. He focuses on the regularities that make this area and the normal lives the Malay people lead so endearing and highlights them. His work is not over stylised, he doesn’t overuse colour or detail and even after painting his images often look already worn, but his works are simple reinterpretations of those beautiful moments he captures that he then sets as a permanent fixture within the landscape.

From children messing about on bicycles and reaching for objects to old locals faces and the local coffee shop posse, Zach has a way of capturing the best of the ordinary people that makes his work warm, heartfelt and instantly relatable.

Take a look at a couple of stolen images from the web of his work and the effect it has on passers-by..

Hendrik Beikirch: Transsib – Greyhound. Paintings from train and bus rides

Hendrik Beikirch is a German painter who often makes large scale portraiture murals of individuals spotted on his travels. The subjects are not famous, instead they bear an anonymity that often offers intrigue to the viewer. For the artists, the subjects have certain magnetic personalities, or other recognition values; which Beirkirch sometimes gains insight into, or leaves to the viewers imagination.

Beirkirch’s upcoming show is being held at the Ruttkowski;68 gallery in Cologne, Germany. The show takes inspiration from and documents the artists travels upon the Greyhound buses in America and Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway. The artist suggests the fact that the subjects could have hailed from the East or the West. Small details in the paintings could hint at this however in true Beikirch style, the boundaries are blurred. The faces speak for themselves and the anonymity is key.

To find out more about Hendrik Beikirchs work, visit his blog. For news on upcoming shows at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery click HERE.

The show is opening on April 5 @ Ruttkowski;68 gallery in Cologne, Germany, and runs until May 19, 2013.

Ruttkowski68_Hendrik-Beikirch-ECB_Flyer_front,Hendrik Beikirch


13_hendrik-beikirch-ecb-your-dreams-never-abandon-you-chemnitz-2011-detail,Hendrik Beikirch

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