MOS Wiesbaden 2015

This summer, a small team from the EndoftheLine crew headed over to Wiesbaden to paint for the original Meeting of Styles festival. Taking a prime position at a water station just set back from the main site, the guys came up with a collaborative underwater theme mixed in with some banging characters and letter wildstyles. Jim Vision, Dr Zadok & Tizer stepped up alongside Vile, Odeith, The TSF Crew, Esteo & Naste & Disorderline. Take a look at some of the images below to see how this mega collaboration panned out…

Thanks to THE man of MOS, Manuel for the images.

Meeting of Styles UK 2014

It seems a long time gone now but we’ve been gathering our images, finishing up wall spots and awaiting incoming photos from all over London of the recent Meeting of Styles weekender.

We were joined by around 60 artists this year, as far afield as Brazil, who came in full force and high spirits to paint our town styley. We had wall spots scattered all over Shoreditch from Hewett Street to Pedley Street and all the bits in between and had a main site just off Pedley street in an old abandoned waste land with one of the best wall spots in London.

We started the event with a Meeting of Styles pre-party that coincided with the first Thursday of the month, and knowing that this is our arty people’s favourite day, we offered a special serving of live Brazilian painting by FPLO, Saci & Bronco who brightened up our rooftop with tropical inspired, brightly coloured, large scale artworks. It was the perfect start to the fun-filled weekend, the sun was shining, the artists were slowly arriving to size up their wall spaces, music was in full swing with funky beats from Sugai and Maj Duckworth; a not-so-calm party before the storm.

By the time Saturday morning had arrived our walls were ready, our beat boxers were in position and the food was getting HOT. We were joined by Elephant Shack serving delicious lamb & chickpea flat breads, Mama’s Jerk Station making their signature badman jerk chicken & Coffee Space who introduced us to next level concepts on coffee brewing. Our main man Bass6 managed to arrange the Beatbox Collective and the great Super Scratch Sundays fam, and Congo Natty’s DJ Snuff who placed themselves in sweet spots on route to give passers by a heads up and word up and a damn good job they did too.

On the main Pedley street site we had true graffiti writers Vibes, Twesh, Gent 48, Sokemone, Ders & Odisy. Shoreditch Underground boasted the talents of CHU, Inkfetish, Brave1, Louis Masai, Jasik, Mr Cenz, Crymein, Snoe, Aero, BRK, Aeon & Ventsa. Beyond that were Kaes & False on the entrance of Pedley Street, and then a short walk round the corner on Sclater street we had the lovely bunch from the Lost Souls crew; SPZero76, Captain Kris, Squirl & Si Mitchell. Besides them Die Dixons fresh off the boat from ze Deutschland and THEN opposite those guys were the mighty Tizer, Stika, Lovepusher, Aeon & Wisher & 3dom…phew! But that wasn’t all, head left off Sclater street and you were met by Astek, FPLO, Vodka, Dep, Wrist, Arise & Traffik pulling in the crowds on Braithwaite street, Inkie, Sepr & Dank took over New Inn Yard’s original courtyard theatre. Painting over in the King John Car Park were Jive, Chuckone, Amuk. Candy Lo, AR, Elph & Hicks painted a beautiful under water scene harmoniously on Whitfield street, Zina took a short space round from there on Chance street and the classic duo Zadok & Jim Vision headed over to their trusty spot on Redchurch street. Finally back at the MOS HQ, Replete, Title, Riot & OTwo were jazzing up Hewett Street ready for people to return for a well deserved boozer.

There was a LOT of walking involved but it was well worth it to see these legendary artists in action. The founder of MOS Manuel even popped in for a surprise visit from Germany. We cried.

We came back this year for the 5th time running Meeting of Styles UK, took a totally different approach to it and couldn’t have been happier. We cannot be more grateful to our wonderful crew and artists and everyone that got involved to make MOSUK14 possible. And an extra thanks to all of you who came down and have been posting photos well after the event.

Till next year kids, when we’ll bigger, better and potentially out of London…

So much love!


Check out the Meeting of Styles UK Facebook page for more updates and details here.

Meeting of Styles – Wiesbaden, Germany

Last weekend was the long awaited Meeting of Styles in Wiesbaden, Germany. I say long awaited because unlike the rest of the team this was my FIRST Meeting of Styles and Wiesbaden was where Meeting of Styles originated. So it was kind of a big deal.

The naive cretin I am expected to rock up to an industrial, washed out site decorated by the ghosts of artists from past years and old event posters sporting images of Germanys finest underground hip hop heads. I wasn’t totally wrong, however the site also ran alongside the river Rhine which was surrounded by ‘beach’ feel bars and restaurants and the most stunning scenery around; all the perfect backdrop for the future artwork.

We arrived and immediately headed to the walls to secure our spot, pre-plan the wall space and start stretching our muscles, ready for the climbing, balancing and shitting ourselves to come. We were happy. We had managed to bag ourselves a humungous wall spot on the main part of the site and were working alongside artists such as Odeith, Vile, Furt & Dase, the TSF Crew & Nuclear One Crew.

The UK team consisting of Jim Vision, Tizer, Gent & Elfin, repped well. Taking on the challenging ‘Under Water’ theme, we were met with rolling eyes that said “been there done that” but we don’t listen to that bollocks, and we knew it could be done with originality and true MOS class.

We were right. All the artists came together in beautiful sync, there were no egos, no territorial wars. The festival became the mutual appreciation society. Hugs were big, smiles bigger.

On the Saturday we were joined by some of the local DJ’s, MC’s & B-Boys, which was a compelling introduction to the German hip hop scene and encouraged all walks of life to take part and have a bit of a boogie.

The weekend overall was a massive success, and, for me especially, it was incredible seeing such inspiring artists come together from all over the world and show off their styles in one space.

Now it’s not a competition, but we’ve got MOS UK approaching soon! July 4th – 6th to be exact. We’re taking scattered spots around the Shoreditch and Brick Lane areas and have invited 50 artists. Will it be better than Germany? We don’t know. All we know is this has set the bar pretty high and we will have our work cut out for us. But we have some unreal talent, fantastic sponsors and food that will consist of non-bread items.

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