Arts Calendar December 2015!

Ooh December is getting exciting! I keep planning to leave the rat race early for Christmas and every time I open my Instagram or Facebook there’s yet ANOTHER great art show approaching that is keeping me stuck here in the smoke at the ready with the camera… So we thought we wouldn’t keep all this goodness to ourselves and have compiled a little list of the best things on this December that YOU should be shaking on down to.

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Winter Group Show at Stolen Space Gallery – Cosmic Flush 

#Paintguide at Unit London

Star Wars ‘The Artist Awakens’ at Underdog Gallery

‘Yeah Man’ book signing with Will Barras

DMV Crew at Scope art show Miami

 Teenage Kicks @ Saatchi Gallery

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Fresh Presented by Blair Zaye

Art Heist Art Exhibition

Last week was an exciting week for us here at EndoftheLine. We saw the arrival of Art Heist: the inaugural show from long time pals Bablu Miah and Sara Farrell.

We’ve known Bablu for a few years now, and you probably know him too. He’s that pocket-sized brown fellow that places himself at every art exhibition, festival, paint happening and anything and everything else street art. And if you haven’t seen him on the street, then you’ve more than likely spotted him on the Twitter stream sharing and supporting the industry through social media. Or that’s because he’s hiding behind his camera. But Bablu has been our wonderful go-to fan that has been spreading the word on what we do for a good 3 years. This one-man support wagon never asks for anything in return and helps artists and small companies like ours of his own back and on his own time, and has proven to be incredibly valuable to us all. So a small personal note but a BIG thanks for everything you have done over the years Babs.

Sara is the girl that needs no introduction, a great personality who has supported artists in the same way. You may know her from last years Sclater Street Stalls, where she brought key artists from the area to paint live and provided a platform for them to sell work. It’s hard to find heads in the industry as genuine as these two.

So when we heard they were doing their own exhibition with a few of the artists they have helped prop up, we, like everyone else in town, headed on over to show our support in the small ways that we can: Take silly photos. Needless to say, EVERYONE was there, and the walls of Circle London tattoo parlour were bursting. So regrettably not as many photos as we’d hoped, as most time was spent saying hello to everyone we’d ever met but also waiting for the poor single bartender to get through the queue. But alas, we got a couple and of course that all important money shot of both organisers.

The show will run until 15th November, and we do sincerely suggest that you get down there to check out this incredible selection of work from some of the industries best!

See more information on the exhibition here.

See here for info on Babs, See here for more info on Sara.

Ph T.Elhaj

Happy Halloween from EndoftheLine

Our favourite time of year is upon us!

The trees have taken on the beautiful colours of fire, the mornings are getting cold and crisp and there’s an abundance of sweets to choose from in our local supermarkets. That’s right, we could go on about all the reasons to love October, but the main one for us is of course Halloween.

We’re suckers for a good dress up and face paint, and what better reason to do it than scare our kids right out of their skin in the name of Hallow’s Eve. Jim Vision seconds this notion and does this well with apt artwork dotted around the area that’ll make your skin crawl and make you turn screaming ‘Mum!’

This year’s Halloween wall is in the works and will appear just before that special day so keep your eyes peeled, but in the meantime we take a look back at some of the best spooky street art from Jim Vision…

We start our collection with the Zombie Apocalypse wall on Braithwaite street that was installed in preparation for the Rockwell Horror show held last year at Rockwell House.

Next up is a few Jim Vision classics complete with the usual blood, gore, swords and supernatural characters, including the Dark Elf, The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Slough feg and the Darksiders wall… Keep those bottoms tight and enjoy!

Thanks to all of our photographers who have taken great snaps of these walls!

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