Arts Calendar December 2015!

Ooh December is getting exciting! I keep planning to leave the rat race early for Christmas and every time I open my Instagram or Facebook there’s yet ANOTHER great art show approaching that is keeping me stuck here in the smoke at the ready with the camera… So we thought we wouldn’t keep all this goodness to ourselves and have compiled a little list of the best things on this December that YOU should be shaking on down to.

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Winter Group Show at Stolen Space Gallery – Cosmic Flush 

#Paintguide at Unit London

Star Wars ‘The Artist Awakens’ at Underdog Gallery

‘Yeah Man’ book signing with Will Barras

DMV Crew at Scope art show Miami

 Teenage Kicks @ Saatchi Gallery

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Fresh Presented by Blair Zaye

Wake Life Weekender X White Canvas Project with Supremebeing

We’ve selected a few favourite shots of ours from the recent Wake life weekend festival in Cambridge. The EndoftheLine team joined a host of artists including Hicks, Dr Zadok, Stendec, Mr Penfold & All Type No Face to paint a 50m wall of potato crates. This sat as stunning backdrop to the Wake Life Weekend festival that was the first in it’s series of events.

Based in Cambridge at the Hannams Wake hub, famous for being one of the best wakeboarding centres in the country. This festival featured live music, art, workshops and great food & drinks.

Our pals Supremebeing took us over to our trusty pre-loved furniture centre and charity shop Emmaus to pick up a range of objects we could upcycle in true White Canvas Project style.

Oh and they also had a trampoline..which would explain how we can all suddenly fly..

See more on Wake Life Weekend here.

See more on Supremebeing here.

Wake Life Weekend 2015 from AMP Creative on Vimeo.

Scrawl Collective : The Triumverate

On the 4th December we will be joined by Will Barras, Steff Plaetz & Mr Jago; our favourite artists from Bristol. They will be painting live as part of their Scrawl Collective Reunion; Triumvirate. This is a rare opportunity to see these 3 Bristol legends in action. Plus to keep you fed and watered all evening we’ll have winter warmers and tasty grub on hand from the Rockwell Bar and our trusty Meatball Bros. Entry is FREE just let us know you’re coming here. More details below.

EndoftheLine host SCRAWL COLLECTIVE: TRIUMVIRATE at Rockwell House, this December!

EndoftheLine and Scrawl Collective are preparing the exhibition of the year with Will Barras, Mr Jago and Steff Plaetz. 

The art group Scrawl Collective started life in 1999. 

Founder Ric Blackshaw had just finished the book Scrawl dirty graphics and strange characters, a groundbreaking book that charted the influence of graffiti, DIY punk ethics, comic books and street art on mainstream visual culture. 

From this seminal book and it’s follow up Scrawl Too more dirt, sprang Scrawl Collective; a loose organization of street artists, illustrators and graphic designers.

Ric launched Scrawl Collective with three then relatively unknown artists, Will Barras, Mr Jago and Steff Plaetz. They had all met in the febrile atmosphere of Bristol’s burgeoning 90’s graffiti explosion and the exciting music and club scenes that provided so many artists with their first paid work. With this central trio of Barras, Jago and Plaetz, Scrawl Collective began doing live painting events quickly gaining a reputation for their playful, doodle aesthetic, collaborating with local artists and carving a niche within what was then the very early beginnings of the world wide street art scene.

2014 sees the collective celebrating 15 years of existence and to cap a year of print releases by Scrawl artists (old and new) and by collaborators from those early world travels the original Scrawl Collective three, Will Barras, Mr Jago and Steff Plaetz will be painting together for the first time since Scrawl Collectives groundbreaking Elephant Technique show in 2006.

This is a rare not to be missed chance to see these three artists do what they do best and join Scrawl Collective in celebrating a 15 year journey through the hybridisation of street art, illustration and graphics.

Alongside this visual spectacle we will have a night of music, drinks and food on the Rockwell rooftop.

Rockwell House,
10-14 Hewett Street
6PM – 11PM

Entry FREE!


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