Terry Pratchett Photo Appreciation

Over the last 2 weeks, the nation have been going gaga for the Terry Pratchett tribute mural produced by Jim Vision & Dr Zadok just off Brick Lane. Before the piece was finished, articles were popping up from the London Evening Standard, The Telegraph, Guardian News, The Independant and Timeout to name a few. The piece was produced by the 2 EndoftheLine artists as a heartfelt homage to the late author that has filled all of our childhoods with fantastical wonder and did so with the help of artist Josh Kirby. The pair wanted to give the artwork justice and did so tremendously through a montage of the best Terry Pratchett artwork alongside a beautifully painted portrait of the man himself.

The piece is set to be finished this week, but before then, we wanted to do a little shout out to those who have spread the word, headed down and took your best images of the piece and shared them across your channels. So here’s a little collection of some of the best images so far…

Images by:

Reuben Acciano, Al’addin Maherali, Elliottlc, Talalaban, Graham Turner (for Guardian), Monoprixx, Dragantepic, BrickLane Art, PublicArtFound, PratchettJob, Greg Key, Ella Finch (London Evening Standard)



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