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The North Face are launching a pop-up store off the Seven Dials in Covent Garden and EndoftheLine were tasked with creating a photo montage from printed instagram pictures. Hello You Creatives put up a little piece on the photo project that EndoftheLine worked on last month. Here it is.













“The soul of exploration comes to the city as The North Face launches a new lifestyle pop-up store at 7 Earlham Street, London, open for 6 months from Friday 2nd September. Stocking product exclusively geared towards exploring urban environments, the space represents the city expression of the outdoor brand, with ranges coming from Europe, Japan and USA.

To celebrate The North Face collaborated with End of The Line. We caught up with artist Matilda from End of The Line to talk about the collaboration and how it came about.

1.      So many brands seek to work with ‘influencers’, what made you interested in the North Face collaboration?

This project spoke to me in a number of ways. I grew up Hong Kong, itself a bustling city and I now live in London. The idea of urban exploration is one I’ve grown up with. I also love capturing images of the world I live in. Personally I don’t capture them for the benefit of sharing, these are very much memories of spaces and sights I’ve seen. I do share certain experiences on instagram so it was interesting to see what people would take the time to upload. I think this project allowed people to share images which inspire a sense of adventure, travel and of course ones that evoked room to explore.

The society we live in is a visual one, we’re sharing images all the time online, almost as a throwaway concept. With this project there were real hard copies of images being printed, and I loved the challenge of taking all the images that came out of the printer, analysing them and making them in to a piece of visual art. It was a very spontaneous and organic process.

2.      What is the key to a collaboration like this? How do you keep the spirit of what you do alive when working with a brand?

We strive to find something real, that you can connect with, in everything you do.  On this project the medium is personal photography, the visual exploration of adventure and creating a montage of emotional experience.  We were inspired by the images and felt the emotion of the photographers, it made you think what made them share this, or take this picture or that. The key is to actually keep it as honest as possible, aiming to apply our way of thinking, whilst taking on board the needs of the brand and project.

3.      How did you approach this project keeping both the spirit and narrative you wanted to create intact while delivering the brand’s message?

The North Face embodies the journey into the unknown, finding happiness and exciting experiences in everyday life.  London is an amazing place to explore and find new memorable moments, it’s the epicentre of undiscovered urban exploration.

4.      Tell us about the project, what are you most proud of?

I’m most proud that we managed to create something tangible that has the form of the River Thames but also as an engaging piece of unique artwork. And that it was achieved without the use of an algorithm or app to create the layout, a wholly human effort.  Each image is special and personal to the photographer and when you bring them together you can create a visually stunning and totally new piece of art.”

Original Text from “Hello You Creatives”.


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