The White Canvas Project Exhibition PartIII

EndoftheLine, alongside Supreme Being, hosted a week long event at a warehouse space on Great Eastern Street ‘The White Canvas Project Exhibition”. The exhibition was part of Supreme Being’s ongoing project that rejects the traditions of confining artists to a blank canvas and pushes the idea of decorating household items as well as collectibles and other vintage scraps etc.

The exhibition housed work from over 11 artists – including Jim Vision, Sheone, David Walker, Guy Mckinley, Sandra Dieckmann, Blaine Fontana, Mr Penfold, Chase, Memuco & Will Barras. The artwork was created back in June in the beautiful countryside of Cambridge and this month it came down to London to wow the city crowd.

The exhibition also worked alongside charity Emmaus Cambridge Community that focus on helping those who are victims to homelessness and poverty around the UK by selling restored goods. 10% of everything sold went to Emmaus.

All photos taken by Toby Summerskill.

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