Tron Legacy Mural Commission

Endoftheline pulled out all the stops for this commission to celebrate the much anticipated launch of Tron: Legacy. A mural of epic proportions, filmed in 3D timelapse, was the result of weeks of planning and a four days shooting and painting non-stop.  We were all inspired by Tron as children so the opportunity to work on the sequel was a huge privilege and an honour.  We wanted to do it justice and inspire a new generation of cinema goers.

At the time of copy, the video (2D version) has been watched over 272,000 times on the Endoftheline Vimeo.

This mural was painted singlehandedly by graffiti artist Jim Vision over the course of 4 days in a freezing cold warehouse in East London. The weather turned for the worse and as the city experienced below freezing temps, snow and icy conditions a huge mural was taking shape in the depths of a dark, abandoned warehouse on huge canvases. These were then fixed in place on Great Eastern Street along with specially installed lighting to fight the shorter days and dim street light.

The Tron cutout was produced by Zeus, the light graffiti by Rezine from France, the video production by Distillery and timelapse and photography by Toby Summerskill.

Tron Legacy : Aerosol Mural from End of the line on Vimeo.

endoftheline tron street

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