VHILS on Hewett Street

Many of you may know Rockwell House from the unmatchable artwork across the street outside, from the world renowned El Mac. Now there is a new kid on the block and we are extremely proud to announce that this weekend the one and only VHILS has asked us to help him find a wall to chisel in to. This Portuguese street artist is famous for his wall etchings and perfect portraiture carved out of the plastering on various lucky walls headed over to Hewett street to get to work and to give this place a totally new look. The man in action explained to us that his portraiture comes from drawings he does of ‘Everyday Heroes’ – everyday people that he sees in the street – VHILS believes that everyone should have the chance to be famous and we definitely agree…especially if he makes us look as beautiful as this! Come and check out the VHILS on Hewett Street as soon as you can!

VHILS on Hewett Street and at the Lazarides gallery

Expect to see more from this guy as he has a very exciting solo exhibition coming up on the 30th November at the Lazarides new space Rathbone Place Gallery. More information coming soon!


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