Weekend Paint Jam – Galactus Vs Silver Surfer

I would naturally ask ‘who would win this fight’ but as all comic book lovers know – compassion rules over power…and FF issue #49 answers my question already…. So back to the real-world.

This Sunday Jim Vision headed over to the Holywell Car Park with Isabel ‘Elfin’ White & Andrea Riot to give it a new lick o’ paint. Vision created awe-inspiring artwork of the Mighty Galactus and a wild-styled Silver Surfer, while Elfin blew us all away with her realist portrait of one of her girls. Riot, in true Riot fashion, created a 3D effect calligraphic styled piece with selected use of colour and lines. See pictures below.

See more from Elfin here.

See more from Jim Vision here.

See more from Andrea Riot here.


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