The White Canvas Project : The Rooftop Session

So, for those of you who don’t know and frankly I don’t know how you could have avoided it, last weekend was our collaborative event with luxe street wear label Supremebeing; The White Canvas Project.

The White Canvas Project is a progressive artists forum. We believe that artists don’t need your standard blank canvas to create a beautiful piece of art and this project¬†allows artists to experiment with the surroundings and environment as ready-made canvas. The project has sought out derelict and abandoned spaces around the globe to hold events and paint jams which result in unique pieces of artwork & limited edition printed t-shirts of the artwork created for or inspired by each event.

This years event marked a new chapter of The White Canvas Project, held on the brand new Rockwell House Rooftop & playing house to some of the most diverse & charming artists in its line-up to date. Featuring work from Jim Vision, Will Barras, Andrea Riot, Dr Zadok, Ed Hicks, Gent 48, Tizer, O.Two, Elfin, Candy Lo, Stendec & Dotmasters, everything created for WCP was done so the weekend before.

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors, Big Apple Hot Dogs, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum, Dunne Frankowski, Posca & MTN 94 & to all those special people who made the weekend special – Sane PR, Tea & Cake PR, Reeps-One, Inja Nu & Trol23! You guys rock!

Please find the artwork catalogue below along with photos from the event.

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