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Ongoing Mural Programme Enriching Communities with Art

EndoftheLine produce creative projects and bring art to local communities.  We curate artwork and events that inspire, help combat anti-social behaviour with occupation by artists and connect communities with their environment.

We establish mural sites, curate space with artists, paint large-scale murals and run alternative creative events mixing art and music and enabling community connection with artists, mentors and local residents. Creative Place-keeping with murals is an active installation that attracts street-art visitors and inspire community connection. Curating with artistic murals enables a positive, colourful spectacle that beautifies neighbourhoods and enables grass roots engagement between artists & the local residents.

Dream Work | Team Work

It has always been our dream to paint. 

It is our purpose in life to bring colour to the world.


We have 15 years experience managing creative projects locally and internationally. Our team of art professionals facilitate the production of large scale murals and provide support and guidance to bring these projects into fruition. 

We endeavour to provide an atmosphere that encourages the best possible creative outcome whilst being realistic with deadlines, clients expectations and community considerations.


Our vibrant murals become cultural landmarks and part of the beautification of the city and geography of a region. This powerful public art serves the communities that make up our society. They become symbols of collective well-being and possibility,

expressions of achievement and positive aspiration.

Open Hearts | Open Minds

We believe in the power of art to bring different people together.

We present a radical perspective that enhances our city centres, our open hearted imagination and socially engaged art inspires human creativity and awakens people's hearts, minds and spirits.

Photo from Mizmatiki.jpg

We have hosted nine editions of the annual street art & mural festival

The International ‘Meeting of Styles’


An annual international art festival hosted in 30 countries globally. Its legacy of creative collaboration has developed a platform for graffiti artists and street artists to come together, engage the community and present a powerful argument for the power of graffiti to bring colour to the streets we live in.  

Our grassroots organisation has been at the heart of the Shoreditch Street art scene for the last fifteen years.

We have established a large network of community minded artists and developed an engaged social network of art lovers that has shared our murals across the globe.


Inclusive and Representative

Our organisation actively promotes inclusive work environments and encourages equality and diversity in our events and mural projects.


Improving equality, diversity and inclusion across the arts is key to releasing the true potential of our nation’s artistic and cultural talent.

Public art in public spaces brings variety to the urban landscape and we ensure that the art that gets made is not just outstanding in form and content, but representative and relevant to the widest possible audiences.

Creating engaging public spaces is a key principle of our organisation. Our art is free for everybody, available to interact with intellectually and aesthetically,and telling the stories of the people.

We have created legal spaces for artists to practice their creativity free from control, built community gardens for the residents and visitors of Brick Lane.

Creative and cultural districts that celebrate creativity and engage with people through Street Art are more popular than ever.


We provide opportunities for volunteers and artists to contribute their ideas and encourage them to develop and thrive.  We value the artistic intention of all artists and create networking and mentorship programs to help young artists find their place in the world. 


We are aware of the challenges Black and minority ethnic artists experience and have always actively involved people from different races, genders and ethnicities.

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