Endoftheline have been working at a grass roots level for over ten years on independent creative initiatives, community projects and collaborative artist events. Our creative guardianship scheme has established workspace and cultural centres for our underground art community.  We have successfully bridged the gap between artists and open minded developers, landlords, commercial clients, community housing, councils and public companies. We want to encourage real change by painting murals in the local area. By inspiring communities, capturing the attention of forgotten youth, running art workshops, art spaces and events whilst employing artists to bring colour to the urban landscape


A zero tolerance approach to graffiti does not achieve results. Repainted blank walls only serve to encourage more tagging and further repainting costs. The effect of vandalised, unmaintained sites is that local communities feel unsafe, unconnected to their space and ASB increases. We believe that by positioning arts and culture through murals and creative space as a key proponent of community planning and development this will strengthen the social, physical and economic fabric of communities.

Our on-going community-led, socially conscious mural project creates artwork in the streets and inspires a next generation of artists to experiment and create. 


Rockwell House


In 2010 we set up Rockwell House, a creative art studio and rooftop venue that provided affordable art studios to up and coming creatives in East London. By providing art events and spaces for artists to create we have established a large network of community minded artists and developed an engaged social network of art lovers that has a global reach.